The Dragon Who Killed

Danielle's eyes examined the black dragons when more of them came to welcome them. Some were about her size when others were incredibly bulky. Herman looked utterly shocked as well. This could mean a completely new world. He thought.

"What will you do now?" Danielle asked. 

"We will leave this place and return to the Enigma Mountains of course," another male dragon spoke.

"You allowed us to be set free. Only another Black dragon could set us free of the magic that kept us in this hidden world. Thank you." The old dragon said and bowed. Danielle stared at the dragon in surprise. Once he stood back up his eyes were only focused on Herman. Suddenly, he bent his head down lower and sniffed him.

"You hold blood of a powerful slayer," the old dragon said.

"Do you mean Romon Blaize?" Herman asked. 

"Yes, he was a brave man with lot's of power. I was the one who killed him actually." Herman stared at him in shock. This dragon was extremely old but he could tell his time was coming to an end. The dragon looked at Danielle.

"We will fight with you against Andorra. This is also part of the prophecy. The black dragons will help bring peace to the world once they are unleashed" Danielle opened her mouth to reply but closed it. She didn't know what to say and Herman's eyes were filled with unbelief. Andorra will not be pleased at all. He thought.

"You will guide us," The old dragon said to Danielle. 

"M-me?" The dragons looked at her with serious eyes that dug deep into her soul. "Alright." Herman climbed onto her back. 

"Do not forget, I am coming to." Danielle walked back into the dark tunnel with the Black Dragons following. She was going to war. This was something she never thought would ever happen to her. 

The End

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