The Start Of a War

The sky was completely gray, creating a darkness through out the world. The air became humid and colder. King Steven, Judas and Adrian led their army as King Seth's army walked beside them. They stopped on a large dirt field and just beyond it were mountains. They were on the field that would soon turn into a battlefield. Soon to be covered with dead bodies and blood. Steven sat up straight in his saddle. He had to believe that he could protect his kingdom. He made a vow when he was crowned king of Zilda.

"I am gratefull to be chosen to be the next king. I will rule bravely and protect this kingdom with all my heart so no evil will ever dare conquer us. Believe and trust in me so this kingdom will live on for generations to come."

This kingdom will not be taken over so easily. He thought. Our hearts are stronger than anything else we have. He glanced at Judas. It has been so long since I have seen you. Now your fighting with me in this war.

"Father," Adrian said. Coming out of the mountains were Andorra's soldiers. And in the sky, flying creatures were coming to the battle as well. Once they stopped, everything was still as the moon in the night.

"Do you see her, father?" Adrian asked. Steve looked at the army closely.

"No," he replied.

"Where is she?" Judas asked eagerly. Suddenly the other army began to sprint across the field. 

"Here they come," Samuel said as he sat on his white horse next to his father.

"We have to wait for Steven's signal," Seth said.

"Can you believe it father? There has not been another war for who knows how long?"

"Zilda and Zelda once fought against each other, Now we are fighting together," Seth replied.

"You know father, when I was younger, I always dreamed of fighting in a war with you." Seth smiled.

"I remember that too. You asked a lot of times if there was going to be wars in the future."

"And you replied with "I certainly hope not." Seth chuckled a so did Samuel. "Protect him." Samuel thought of the words his mother told him. I will. Do not worry mother.

"Let's go," Steven said. He, Judas and Adrian began riding their horses onto the field with their troops following. Seth and Samuel followed his actions.

The End

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