The Prophecy

"The furious will be Unleashed. That is the first line of the prophecy!" 

"I do not care about the prophecy!" Andorra yelled. "I want to change it!"

"It is not possible," the dragon replied. "The further extent of the prophecy says once we are unleashed, we will live in peace with the humans."

"But don't you want to change that? Humans fought against you! They tried to kill you!" Andorra's voice was full of rage.

"I wish we could, but no one not even the four sorcerers are able to change the prophecy." Danielle watched Andorra's tense body begin to shake. Was she crying?

"You do not know what those humans did to me! Everywhere I went they glared at me and whispered things about me. Some even ran away as if I was some monster! Isn't there a reason to get back at them?" She fell to the ground in sobs surprising them all. I want to destroy everyone. Even children and babies.

" I am sorry," the old dragon said. "But I not know not what to reply. This is your fight, one you must fight alone."

"Silence!" Andorra stood up and furiously wiped the tears from her face.

"Fine then. But just because you are not part of my army, does not mean I will not lose. My army is already powerful enough to win against my brother's." Andorra then disappeared. Having heard of Andorra's past, Danielle couldn't help but feel sympathy for her.

Andorra appeared back in her chamber here the man in the shadows waited for her.

"It did not work?" he asked. Andorra shook her head and kept back the tears that wanted to come out. Then she went to the far right wall. A sword hung on the wall. She grabbed the hilt which suddenly glowed red right as she touched it. She held the glowing sword in her hand.

"Be careful Andorra," the man said. Andorra vanished. 

The End

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