Andorra's True Reason

"This cannot be possible," he said as he let his eyes wander. These creatures were Black Dragons. Black Dragons: said to be the most powerful dragon of all. Here they were, alive, well and healthy in their own little world.

"B-black Dragons?" Danielle asked. "There are more!" Herman converted his eyes to Danielle.

"Do you not understand?" He yelled.

"Black Dragons disappeared long long ago. No one has ever seen one since."

"But they are here!" Danielle exclaimed.

"I wonder how and why," Herman said. A few black dragons pounced off the walls and flew through the air.

"So wonderful! They are huge! They are even bigger than me!"

"Forget about wonderful. They destroyed many kingdoms and killed many people in the past. No one can forgive them for what they did."

"Enough talk," Andorra said. When they first came into this world where the black dragons lived, they were standing on a cliff that stood over a black pit. But there was a bridge connecting from the cliff to a large meadow where more black dragons lay. Andorra and Herman walked across the bridge as Danielle pulled out her wings and flew across the pit and then she met them in the meadow. 

The black dragons who laid in the grass turned to them and stared at them for a long time.

"This will be my ultimate weapon against the world," Andorra told them. Herman studied the witch silently and then realized her true reason behind wanting such power. She was going to use these creatures to fight against Danielle's father.

"You! I-I can't believe you.." he began to talk but stopped. Andorra smiled once he realized.

"Isn't it shocking? An army of Black Dragons to once again rein free in this world after 400 years. And I will be in control of them." He gaped in horror at her. He couldn't believe some one with so much hatred and revenge would do this. Everyone in the world could be destroyed and that would be the end of all life.

"Look!" Danielle exclaimed. Above them a massive dragon was hovering in the air and then began to land in front of them. The black dragon was extremely large, bigger than Danielle herself. It was staring at them with bright red eyes. It looked at Danielle.

"Uh, hi?" Danielle said. Can it speak? 

"Welcome. How long we have waited for this day." Danielle blinked. The dragon had spoken in a gruff and low voice. He is old. I wonder how old. Danielle thought. More Black Dragons gathered around them. 

"Dragons!" Andorra bellowed. "You have been sealed away by the evil Sorcerer Tobar for four hundred years! I have come to set you free! But you have to join me in this war between I and the world!" The dragons looked at each other. The dragon who spoke first looked at Andorra in confusion.

"How do you know of the one who sealed us away in this world?" He asked.

"I discovered it from the four sorcerers," Andorra replied with a sly smile. Murmurs spread throughout the dragons.

"You want us to join you?" A female dragon asked. Andorra nodded. 

"This..." The old dragon looked at his kin. "This is not part of the prophecy."

The End

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