Chapter 8 Part 2

All Danielle could see was darkness. complete dreaded, nothingness that enveloped them as they traveled through the cave. Danielle had no idea of what they were looking for, or where they were going to. 

"Danielle, look where you are going!" Herman exclaimed. She stopped and apologized for she almost stepped on him with her big foot.

"Just a little further and we will arrive at our destination," Andorra told them. How much more do we have to go? Danielle thought. This is like a path of darkness. Any where you go, there will always be darkness that takes you in and never lets you go.

"Here it is," Andorra said. Danielle looked forward to see a tiny speck of light. It was until then, they entered a magnificent world. It was so large it looked to be the size of Zilda. Inside was a big waterfall that ran through two cliffs down into a beautiful lake. Green trees and moss grew on every wall and on the ceiling. The most surprising thing about the world was that there thousands of brilliant, black winged creatures surviving inside this mountain.

The man who always hid in the shadows of the chamber stood and spoke to a minotaur who faced him directly.

"Andorra wants you to move the army out. She said she would meet you on the battle grounds soon." The minotaur turned around and stomped out of the room. The man walked to the window and looked below. Thousands of minotaurs were inside the gate waiting for the gate to open. Wyverns flew above the necropolis ready for war as well.

"This will be very interesting," he said. He watched the gate be opened and all the creatures raced out into the valley. Do not die Andorra.

The End

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