Going Off To War

"Samuel! Wake up!" King Seth banged on the door with his fists.

"Wake up and get ready for battle!" Samuel immediately jumped out of bed. This was the first time in his lifetime that he yearned to get out of bed. He threw on some clothes and then grabbed the armor that sat on a chair next to his bed. He slipped his armor on and then when he finished with the rest, Isabel walked into his room.

"Samuel?" He heard her voice. She wore a golden, laced dress. She picked up his sack and searched through it.

"Good you have everything you need," she told him and gave his pack to him. Then she handed him his sword.

"Thank you," he said.

"Samuel," he heard her say. He looked up and felt her touch his cheek. he was staring into her blue eyes.

"Remember to come home safely. Believe you will and your father too." He nodded.

"Protect him." Samuel gave her a final embrace and then left the room.


Maralyn threw her arms around Steven and Adrian hugging them tightly.

"Be safe," she told them. "It has been so very long since this world has had a war. I do not know how this will turn out but do not die." She let go and turned to Samuel's friends.

"Protect them," she said. Judas stepped forward and bowed.

"We will, your highness." King Steven touched his shoulder.

"Thank you so much, old friend.." Judas's heart melted after he heard those words. So many years passed since he saw his old childhood friends. The only one left he wanted to hear left from, was Andorra.

The End

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