A World Of Snow

"How long are we going to be trapped in this dreadful darkness?" Herman asked out loud.

"I don't know but I have a strange feeling," Danielle replied. They sat there staring into nothingness.

"Herman, I am sorry about your father's death."

"It's alright now. It does not bother me anymore. I now know that the rumors people said about him were true. He held some some power that is now mine. He loved me and counted on that woman to protect me. I am a chosen one. You are as well, Danielle."

Danielle didn't say anything back. A chosen one? Of who? That woman? She didn't know what to think or say about all of this. And she never heard of these four sorcerers of the world.



"Some one is coming." They were quiet as they waited for something to happen. Suddenly a door opened somewhere and then it slammed shut.

"Is anyone there?" Danielle asked.
The room then lit up with hundreds of candles that stood against the walls. It was a round room with stone walls. A cave? Danielle thought. She looked at the person who had just eneter and gasped. Andorra was standing there wearing a ragged, brown dress and her hair was tangled making her look even uglier. Her green eyes bore into her's.

"Hello Danielle," she said. She looked at Herman which sent chills throughout his body. She began to walk closer to him until she stood inches away from him.

"You are... a chosen one of Mystra," she said.

"How do you know?" Herman asked.

"Those with magical ability can see a mark on your body. I see it perfectly. She touched his neck.

"Three moons ringed together. A goddess's symbol is what makes you a chosen one." She smiled at Danielle.

"What do you want with us?"

"It is what I want with you Danielle. You and I are a lot alike." Danielle watched her pet her scales.


"Ever since you were born, I knew you were special. My brother and his wife had no idea but I did. You are a.... witch. Like me." Danielle gaped at her in surprise.

"I am a witch?"

"Yes! With your power you made that annoying squirrel speak and yourself as well. You are as powerful as me. And I want you to use that power to help me take over your father's kingdom. If you do, I will turn you back into your original body. If you do not, your stuck like that forever." Danielle could not believe what she was hearing.Me? A witch? And she wants me to help her? But if I do not, I'll never regain my normal body. Then she thought of her family. If this is the way it is going to be then I would rather keep this body than have my kingdom and my family destroyed.

"Whatever Andorra may ask of you, refuse her request." She remembered the woman's words. 

"I refuse the offer," she told Andorra. She expected an angry outburst but Andorra just laughed.

"That is perfectly fine," Andorra replied. Herman and Danielle glanced at each other.

"It is fine if I do not have your power. There is more waiting to be unleashed. More that will surely destroy all kingdoms."

"What are you talking about?" Herman said. With a wave of her arms, they disappeared suddenly. Danielle and Herman found themselves in a world of white snow. It was snowing and there were large mountains around them covered in heavy snow.

:Where are we?" Herman asked. "Are we still in our world?" Andorra laughed.

"Certainly! This is still the Enigma Mountains but we are in the higher mountains. In these parts of the mountains is the most coldest. Now follow me and I will show you what I mean by much power." They followed her through treacherous snow until they came to a tall mountain.

"So cold," Herman whispered.

"Here, inside this mountain."

"How do we get inside?" Danielle asked her.

"Touch it Danielle. Only you can touch it." Bewildered, Danielle lifted her claw and touched the hard, cold surface of the wall. Right as she touched it, the wall disappeared.

:What!?" She put her claw down into the snow. Andorra's grin widened.

"Now let us go in." Andorra walked into the dark cave first and then Danielle and Herman followed. As they walked in, Danielle looked back to see if the opening was still there. It was.

The End

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