The Engagement Ball

"Do I really have to wear this princely suit?" Zacharias complained as he fidgeted with his black collar. He was wearing a black suit and so were Judas, Alec and Storm. Samuel walked up to them wearing a black suit as well but with golden lacing along his sleeves and collar.

"Zach, don't you care what you look like in front of all the ladies?" Storm asked him.

"I actually think this is quite nice." Zacharias glared at him. Then they heard a laugh and discovered it was Shannon. She wore a dark blue dress with bright sparkles scattered across the skirt. Samuel saw Zacharias and Storm's cheeks turn red and he laughed.

"Now what are you all staring at?" Shannon asked them pinching one of Zacharias's ears.

"Ouch!" She let go.

"In the future, do not expect me to wear one of these again." Samuel smiled at everyone and told them to go in without him. The room was giant with a tall ceiling that had at least ten or more chandeliers hanging down. Tables were covered with foods, deserts and drinks. Hundreds of men and woman danced and chatted together. The drapes that hung in front of the windows were a scarlet red. KIng Steven and Queen Maralyn were standing somewhere off enjoying themselves to a bit of food. Samuel watched everyone while he waited for Ella. She had on a bright red dress that swayed as she walked toward him. Her hair was put in a curled tight bun in the back of her head. Her tiara also sat atop her head glistening in the light.

"Ella, " he said aloud and took her hand to kiss it. She smiled and then he led her into the ballroom. as some people stopped to gaze upon the couple but others did not notice. 

"Dance with me?" Samuel asked Ella in a playful manner. He tried to sound like he wasn't worried about anything but he really was. Deep down, he was thinking about Danielle and the war. He took Ella's hand in his and his other on her wist. Then they began to dance to the orchestra.

Steven and his wife were watching their dance and smiled. Adrian danced with a young woman who had light brown hair but their eyes were focused on Ella and Samuel.

"Such a remarkable young man," Maralyn said.

"Yes indeed. And a remarkable woman," Steven replied. He looked at two knights who were standing by the door. One of the knights he recognized.

"Cynric!" he said and walked over to him. He was relieved the knights was not exhausted or dirty from looking for Samuel.

"Your majesty." Cynric bowed.

"Cynric, go enjoy yourself with the other knights. You have tried so hard to find Samuel. You deserve it." Cynric looked at him surprised.

"S-sure, your majesty." The young knight walked away and fixed his brown hair so it looked nicer.

"Do you think it is time now?" Maralyn asked him when he returned.

"Yes, I think so." He held up his arms.

"Excuse me." The orchestra stopped and the people turned to their king with eager expressions.

"My daughter Princess Ella has accepted a marriage proposal from Prince Samuel. And once this war is over they will be wedded." The audience began to cheer and soon the room was filled cheers and applause. Samuel and Ella grinned and smiled at King Steven. Samuel glanced at King Seth who nodded at him.

"Please wish these two happiness and love that they will share for eternity." The applause grew louder. Soon as King Steven stopped speaking, the people did also and the orchestra began to play. Just before Samuel was about to dance with Ella, he felt someone tap his shoulder. Standing behind him was Cynric.

"Hello Prince Samuel but may I have a dance with your bride to be?" he asked. Samuel nodded and let Cynric take Ella by the hand then he walked to his father and stood by him.

"Are you sure you want to go through this marriage?" Seth asked him. Samuel nodded.

"Of course."

"Congragulations," Cynric said to Ella as they danced.

"Thank you," Ella replied cheerfully. Cynric smiled big.

"Oh and thank you again."


"You were here for me when Samuel was not. You helped be happy and have hope that he would return." Cynric's face was red.

"My pleasure. Seeing you unhappy made me the same way. You are so much more beautiful when you smile." Ella blushed and then smiled.

"I think you are even a better dancer than Samuel!"

"Really? My mother would dance with me when I was really young, so I know all the steps to this dance."

"That's very interesting!" Ella replied. There was silence between them as they continued to dance. But Ella enjoyed every minute of the dance with him.


Everyone rode away in carriages back to their homes so the ballroom was becoming emptier and emptier. 

"I think it is time we return home as well." Isabel said to Steven and his wife.

"Tomorrow, we shall be ready." Samuel gave Ella her final kiss and then said good bye as he climbed into the carriage after his family. This is it. He thought. He watched the carriage move away from the castle.

Judas and his gang were staying at the castle in Zilda with Steven. They accepted of joining him and his battle against Andorra. This was another chance for him to see her again.

The End

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