The Truth

Darkness already crept upon Samuel as he stood in the garden gazing at the glowing, floating moon. Many times, this day he tried to tell his father about Danielle and his journey. But would he truly believe that she was turned into a dragon? He had to tell them But if they asked where she was what would he reply?

Samuel sat on a stone bench near some lilies and sighed. Did Andorra take Danielle? Herman wasn't with them either. Would he see Danielle again?

"Samuel." Ella. She was standing beside him dressed in a red dress with roses outlining the waistline.

"May I sit?" She asked. Samuel nodded. She is so much nicer than Danielle.

"You know there is a ball tomorrow before my father goes off to war. Right?"


"Aren't you at least excited for the ball? I certainly am! You have distant today, anything the matter?" She asked.

"No, just thinking."

"My father is also going to announce our engagement." Samuel looked at her. How could I forget? He pulled her to his chest and embraced her. She hugged him back . When she let him go she gazed into his eyes. For a moment there, Samuel thought he was looking at Danielle for they resembled each other a lot. I can't believe I am thinking about her. He thought.

"Something wrong?"

"No," Samuel answered.

The next day Samuel roamed through the castle halls. This morning when he woke up, he had this feeling that he should tell his father about everything. Samuel turned a corner and a ways down, there was a large door with gold and red paint outlining the designs. Now would be a good time. He thought. We go to war tomorrow and if I don't do it now, I won't ever have another chance. The rest of the day he would be training with Judas and the other bandits and prepare for war. And then the ball was tonight and King Steven would announce his engagement to Ella.

Samuel breathed deeply before stepping into the throne room. He saw Zilda's king and queen sitting in their throne with his father speaking to them.

"I assure you my knights will be ready by tomorrow. After the ball my son and I will return to Zelda and then well, we will join your army."

"Right, I already have the battle plans sorted out so no worries. Andorra and I already know of the battle field where we will fight. Follow me there," Steven replied. They both looked in Samuels direction.

"Come here son," Seth said. Samuel obeyed and his father put a strong, muscular arm over his shoulders.

"What is it Samuel?"

"I have something to tell you. It is about when I was gone father." Steven and Seth looked at him with curious eyes.

"Do you remember the Black Dragon when it attacked me and Ella?" That was when he told them the whole story.

After he finished speaking there was an awkward silence. King Steven stared at him speechless and Queen Maralyn had tears slowly slipping down the side of her fair cheeks.

"Do you mean to tell me that you met Danielle in the woods? And that she was the Black Dragon?" Samuel nodded.

"Unbelievable," the king replied.

"And you searched for Andorra to change Danielle back? Where is she now?"

"You believe me?"

"Of course. A prince never lies. I have never once lied in all my youth. I trust you because you are Seth's son."

"When we found Andorra, she had us vanished so I think she has Danielle captive right now."

"My poor Danielle," Maralyn spoke and wiped a tear from her face. Steven's face turned hard and cold.

Seth turned to Samuel.

"We shall leave now," he said pulling him out of the room. Steven touched his wife's smooth hand and she looked at him.

"Do not worry. I will make sure Andorra returns Danielle to us. Maralyn nodded and held his hand tightly.

The End

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