Utter Darkness

It was a dark, cold room with an evil feeling that Danielle wanted to close her eyes and disappear to escape this evilness. Around her was complete utter darkness.

“I wish you were here Mue.” She said. He had disappeared with the rest of them, along with Samuel. She didn’t know where Andorra sent them but she hoped they were safe.

“Mmmm.” Danielle froze. There was someone else in the room with her as well.


“Danielle… is that you?” The voice sounded extremely close.


“Yeah, it’s me. Where are we?”

“I have no idea. All I can see is darkness.”

“But I see a little white light.”

“Where?” She asked. She looked around.

“I don’t see any light.”

“Above you,” Herman replied. Danielle lifted her head and saw that there was a small round light above them.

“Is it expanding?” she asked. 

“I think so.” The light was expanding and soon it covered the whole dark room with pure whiteness.

“This same feeling again.” Herman said. Danielle could see Herman laying on his back but he quickly jumped to his feet.

“You mean…?” Herman nodded.

“Chosen ones.” In front of them appeared the same woman with long, white hair and violet eyes. So beautiful. Danielle thought.

“Who are you and how do you know my father?” Herman asked in a demanding voice.

“The first question I cannot answer but the second, yes,” The woman said and stepped closer.

“Your father was also a chosen one but died from the plague that swept through the village Sharpine. During his days through youth to manhood, he trained to be a fifth sorcerer or I should say he would join the four sorcerers of the world. I visited him in visions telling him what he needed to know about being a sorcerer. When the plague hit the village and he got sick, the last vision I gave him, he said he wanted his son to be chosen as well. He also said you could as strong as he was. I believed him. He also asked me to protect you.”

Danielle watched tears trickle down Herman’s face. She could see that he missed his father very much as did she. Seeing Herman cry about his father made her want to cry her tears out as well. She missed the memories she had with her father when she was very young.

“You have received your answer but that is the only question that I can answer.”

“You are leaving,” Danielle said.

“Yes, but I have something else to tell you. Whatever Andorra may ask of you, refuse her request.” The woman began to disappear. The white realm also began to fade as well and soon they were standing in the darkness once again

The End

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