Something beneath Samuel’s body was so soft and warm. It was so comfortable that he did not want to open his eyes and get up. He wanted to sleep longer. But everything was coming back to him. Andorra, the minotaurs, the necropolis and Danielle.

Franticall,y he sat up. He was sitting in a bed with white, soft velvet covers and around him, he recognized the chamber he slept him when he and his family were visiting King Steven. A warm hand covered his and when he looked he saw a familiar girl with long, rich brown hair. She was laying her head down on the side of the mattress with her hand on top of his.

“Ella?” he asked. She moved her head and looked up into his eyes.

“Samuel,” she said quietly. Unexpectedly, she got up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“I’m glad you are home Samuel,” she said and then released him.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yeah but… how did I get here?” Ella smiled.

“Your father’s knights found you lying unconscious in the forest. You looked much bruised and you have a small scratch on your arm but it will heal fast.”

“Were there any others?” Samuel asked looking deep into her eyes.

“They found five others who were with you. They are in rooms next to yours being treated as well.”

“That’s good,” Samuel said. He breathed a sigh of relief. But then he froze. What about Danielle?

“Are you alright Samuel?” Wondered Ella whose voice was filled with concern.

“Y-yes,” he replied with a smile. Ella smiled as well and stood up.

“How about I leave you to dress and then you can come for breakfast?” Samuel nodded and watched her leave the room. Then he stood up and walked to his wardrobe which was across the room from his bed. As he pulled out a white uniform, his face turned pale.
King Seth sat on the opposite end of the dining table tapping his fingers against the smooth surface. He glanced at Steven but he was too busy eating his food.

“Do not worry dear. I am sure Samuel will be down soon,” Isabel told him and patted his hand to make him stop tapping.

“He better,” Seth replied.

“I know you are angry at him for being gone so long but please don’t be mad at him when he comes in,” his wife pleaded. Seth stopped tapping and leaned back in his chair.

“Have patience father,” Sillia said. She sat next to her twin sister Sarah. Isabel shushed her and she looked away.

“Father! Mother!” They turned to the entrance to see Samuel walk into the room.

“Brother!” Sarah and Sillia exclaimed and ran from the table to hug him. Samuel laughed and embraced them both. He looked at his sisters beautiful faces in happiness.

“Come sit son,” Seth said. His sister sat in their seats as Samuel chose one next to Ella. He looked at his plate and began to eat. It was a long time since he had normal food like this. He felt eyes watching him and he looked up at his father.

“Is there something you want?” he asked.

“Yes. Where were you that made you gone so long?” Seth questioned him. Samuel gulped. How would he explain everything to him?

“Sire!” Everyone looked at a knight who enterd their domain. He was clutching his helmet to his stomach.

“Those who were found along with Samuel have awakened!”

“Good, now bring them in here so that they may eat,” Steven replied. The knight bowed.

“Yes your majesty. Although, there is a problem with one of them. He will not listen to me nor any of the maids.” Samuel stood up.

“Where are you going Samuel?” Seth asked.

“I’ll be back father,” he replied and walked out of the room. The knight led him to the room that was not that far away from his. Samuel walked in and saw Zacharias backed up against the wall holding a dagger while a couple of knights surrounded him.

“Zach!” The bandit looked at him and lowered his dagger.

“Where are we Samuel? And why are you dressed like that?”

“We are in Zilda.”

“Zilda!? How did we happen to be here?” Zacharias put his dagger away.

“I am not sure but I think Andorra brought us here.”

“Where is my gang?” he asked.

“Come with me,” Samuel said. He pulled him out of the room and down the hall where they met up with Judas and Alec. They also asked where they were and received the same answer. When the rest joined them, Alec looked at Judas’s darkened face. He could now understand why Judas yearned to see Andorra so much. He loved her.

“ I would like you all to meet my friends.” King Seth and King Steven curiously studied each of them that Samuel introduced. As Samuel said their names, he realized someone was missing. Herman. They sat down and started eating like a couple of pigs who seemed to haven’t seen food for days.

“Father, you were asking?”

“Oh yes, but that can wait. First Steven has some important things he wants to talk to you about.” Samuel’s gaze moved to King Steven.

“My sister, Andorra who disappeared from long ago, she and I are waging war against each other. She has revealed to me that she hold Danielle captive and will not return her unless we do fight her,” he explained.

“I ask that you, Prince Samuel fight with us.” Too shocked to reply, Samuel glanced at the bandits who sat across from him. They looked confused also.

Ella touched his hand and he nodded. I have to tell them. He thought.

The End

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