Using her tail as a whip, Danielle sent the minotaurs flying into the others. They crashed and fell to the ground in a heap.

“Stop her!” Andorra commanded.

Danielle saw Samuel pounded on by three of those creatures and she rushed to his rescue. I won’t let you die, Samuel. Raising her claws, she gripped two minotaur’s and threw them in different directions. Then she stared at the last one who pointed an ax toward Samuel’s chest.

Danielle was about to hit the minotaur with her tail but stopped when her stomach growled. I didn’t eat at all today. She thought sadly. But then she looked at the creature closely. Steeping closer to it, she opened her mouth and bent down to gather the minotaur in her jaws. Realizing what the dragon was doing, the minotaur scurried away with his ax in his hand. Danielle watched after him in disappointment. 

Samuel stood up clutching his arm where he had gotten wounded and looked at Danielle.

“Thank you,” he said. But then his expression changed.

“Were you really going to eat him?” Danielle blinked.


More minotaurs surrounded them but Samuel took his sword and fended them off with his good arm while Danielle fought as well.

Andorra watched every battle impatiently. Why did Judas dare hug me? She tried to forget the warmth she felt and concentrated on her plan.

“This is taking too much of my time,” she said.

“I have to get rid of them myself then.” Andorra looked at every one of Danielle’s comrades. Her eyes stayed on one of them with red hair and a small beard.

“Could it be?” She asked herself. I’ll keep him as well. 

“Stop!” Andorra yelled. Everyone stopped and she raised her hands. Underneath her breath, she whispered a spell that none could hear. All of the sudden, Samuel, Judas, Shannon and everyone else vanished. Danielle looked around horrified.

“Where are they?” Danielle questioned. She glared at Andorra. What is going on and why didn’t she change me back?
Suddenly she felt weak and her eyes began to droop. It was like all her muscles had failed and she was tumbling toward the ground.

“Samuel,” she struggled to speak. She tried to stand but something weighed her down forcing her to stay down. Soon, all disappeared from her sight and her mind.

The End

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