A piece of memory

She was twelve years old and was playing in the palace garden. Surrounded by many white roses, there was a cold clear with many orange fish swimming their way through the waters. She was standing near the pond holding a white rose close to her chest. She was smiling as she gazed upon the flower in her hands. Then she looked up and saw some larger white roses on the other side of the pond. Carefully putting her right black slipper on a large stone near the water, she reached across to pluck one of the larger roses off of the bush. But as she reached, she screamed for her foot lost balance and she found herself falling into the pond. But two strong arms wrapped around her stomach keeping her from hitting the water. 

Once she was set safely on the ground, she turned to her rescuer. Thirteen year old, handsome brown haired Judas was standing there looking at her with concern.

“Judas! You’re here!” She exclaimed. He put a finger to his lips telling her to be quiet. Then he plucked the white rose that she was trying to reach and gave it to her..

“Thank you!” She said. “But why are you here?” Judas smiled back.

“I came with my father.”

“Well please visit more often! You’re gone too long all the time.” Judas laughed and so did she.

“Judas!” A younger voice cried out. They turned to see ten year old Steven running through the garden toward them. His short black hair waved in the wind as he ran and his brown eyes sparkled with excitement. When he reached them, he punched Judas softly on the arm.

“I haven’t seen you for so long!” Judas laughed.

“I am here now. Too bad Seth isn’t here isn’t it?” He caught Andorra gazing at him and he gave her a charming smile.

“Shall we play?” he asked Steven. The young prince nodded and Andorra smiled.

Andorra turned her gaze away from Judas and shook the memory from her mind. It is in the past. After that day Andorra discovered she was a witch and that is when the people began to disrespect her more. Even during those early years before she turned twelve, people disrespected her because of her ugliness. When she found her powers, people began to think their princess was an evil being.

Hatred took over Andorra’s heart destroying her kindness and respect towards anyone.

“Andorra!” Judas cried. He expected an assuring look that she did remember him but all he received was a deep glare full of hatred and revenge. They burned into his soul and wounded his aching heart even more.

“Andorra!” The minotaur pulled his arms back tighter making him cry out in pain. But with all the strength he had, he set his arms free and began to run toward Andorra.

“Judas! You moron, what are you doing?” Zacharias yelled at him. He was struggling with two minotaurs who had knocked him down.
Then everyone halted and looked in the direction of Andorra. Judas had hooked his arms around her in a tight hug. Even Andorra stood there frozen like a statue in Judas’s arms. Her eyes were completely wide open when strange warmth swept through her body. In her left ear, Judas whispered,

“Why are you doing this, Andorra?” Andorra shut her eyes tightly, squeezing her fists. Then she opened her right hand and reached up to Judas’s chest. Red magic gathered in her palm. Judas did not know what was happening and soon found himself flying backwards away from her. A minotaur seized him keeping its tight grip on him.

The End

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