Chapter 8 part 1

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The necropolis was built of bones with a cold darkness in each window bringing about a dark aura. The gate was large and only had one entrance leading into the dark kingdom. Guarding the gate were many minotaurs and standing tall with a smirk on her face, was the witch.

“Here they come,” Andorra said. A large fat minotaur stood beside her with an ax in his hand. He snorted.

“Whatever you do, do not harm the dragon,” Andorra told him. The minotaur growled in response. Andorra eyed the seven other figures walking beside the dragon.

“Hmmm, they’re going to be trouble.” She looked at all the minotaurs who held weapons in their hands. I gave them enough time to prepare for this war against my brother. She smiled. But soon, my army will be greater. Steven will not stand a chance. In two days time, the war will start. Her eyes rested on the dragon. She had a huge surprise in store for her. As soon as they grew closer, Andorra looked over Danielle’s companions one by one. She studied one specific person. He looks like someone I knew. 

“There she is!” Danielle exclaimed. She couldn’t wait for Andorra to turn her back. She looked at the dark clouds that reigned in the sky. Then her eyes moved to where Andorra stood in front of all the hairy, armored creatures.

Samuel glanced at Danielle who had quickened her pace. I have a bad feeling about this. He thought.

Judas was running thoughts through his mind as he gazed at the tall figure. Andorra, you changed so much. She was so quiet and kind when she was younger but as the years went by, she became aloof and rudes towards everyone. Now she lived in this dark kingdom and ruled on her own. He hoped she would remember him after all the years that passed.

Danielle stopped breathing as they stood face to face with Andorra. Her sly smile revealed her wicked, cruel side.

“Danielle!” Andorra exclaimed.

“We cross paths again!” Danielle stared at her suspiciously. I still cannot see why she turned me into this body. 

“Please change me back, Andorra,” Danielle pleaded. 

“Is that why you came?” she asked. Turning her back towards them, she addressed her minotaurs.

“Seize her.” Danielle looked at her in shock as the creatures surrounded her, separating her from the others.

“Danielle!” Samuel cried and prepared to strike one of the creatures. Another minotaur swung his ax as his throat but he ducked. Then a pair of arms wrapped around him keeping him from getting away. This happened to the others. Judas tried to break free from the minotaur that strangled him and 
he looked at Andorra was watching this all happen.

“Andorra!” he called. “Don’t you remember me? I am Judas!” Andorra immediately looked at him. Judas? Andorra became speechless. Flashes of memories went through her mind. There was one she remembered so well.

The End

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