A Kingdom Of the Dead

It was a lighted path surrounded by tall mountains. And there was a girl with long black hair the color of a crow. She was breathing heavily for she was running on the path toward a dark place. She stopped in front of a small stream to to catch her breath and then dipped her hands into the water to drink. After, she continued to run through the mountains on this path until she reached the dark place. There was large kingdom with dark fog surrounding it. There was also a tall white gate surrounding the whole castle. Many wyverns swarmed the place and there were small figures roaming the inside of the gates. The girl begat her way to the gate. 

Danielle opened her eyes. This was another one of those dreams that she had each night. Could this dream have shown me the way to Andorra? She thought. Herman was already awake and so was Judas. They traveled a lot yesterday on foot and got really far into the mountains. Danielle stood and for the first time she noticed how big she'd gotten from the last few days. She was sure her head almost reached a peak of one of the mountains they slept by.

"Herman," she said. He looked at her.

"I know where to go," she said remembering the dream. "We need to find a stream so I will fly above and search for it." Before Herman could reply, she leaped into the air and flew. Samuel and Herman watched her flap her wings and descend higher into the sky.

Danielle eyes searched the mountains below scouring for any sigh of stream. Flapping her wings once more, she soared lower.

"There!" Just below her there was a small stream running north throughout the mountains. 

"We just have to follow that stream. And then... we find Andorra. Just like in the dream," she said picturing the strange castle in her mind. Turning around, she headed back to Herman and the others.

"There's a stream nearby that we just have to follow and then we'll find Andorra," Danielle said landing on the ground. Mue ran up her back and sat on her head.

At the mention of Andorra, Judas sat up and rubbed his eyes. He was going to see his old friend again. And maybe he could speak to her. There was a lot of things he wanted to say that he did not say long ago.

They found the stream an hour later and followed it. While walking, Danielle felt the excitement grow at the thought of having her normal body back. Don't worry Father, mother, Adrian, and Ella. I will be home soon. She thought.She looked at Samuel.Always handsome. She thought. I can't believe I am thinking this but Ella is lucky to have him. Danielle sighed. She did feel jealousy when she watched them both gaze into each others eyes.Suddenly Samuel caught her gaze and she looked away. He rolled his eyes.

She's always looking at me. He thought. Why? Then he smiled. Could she...? Samuel shook his head and all the thoughts from his mind.

"Let's rest a while," Herman said. Everyone set down their packs and filled their canteens with water from the streams. Then they sat on rocks near each other and rested. I hope we are close. Danielle thought. 

It wasn't long until they were moving again. 

"This is it, we are every close," Danielle told them. The path was becoming smaller just as in the dream and up ahead she saw dark smoke rising into the air. They moved on until before them a dark kingdom lay before them. It was exactly what Danielle saw in her dream. She looked up into the sky at the swarming wyverns and then inside the gate. 

"A necropolis," Judas said. "It's supposed to be a kingdom of the dead but I know none that can resurrect the dead." No one replied but stared into the kingdom that sent an eerie feeling through them.

"Let's go," Danielle said. 

The End

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