Thoughts and Feelings

Danielle opened her eyes to see a gorgeous sunrise appear out from behind the mountains and give off a brilliant orange, yellowish radiance. She felt warmth warm her scales. Today they would find Andorra and then she would go home in her human body. Guide me Andorra. She thought.

"Good morning," she heard Mue say. He put his arms over his head and stretched.

"Good morning Mue. Sleep well?" She asked. He replied yes and began fidgeting with his tail. Danielle smiled. He always did that trying to make his tail look nice every day. When they returned to Zilda, she would make sure she could keep Mue for when Ella married Samuel she wouldn't feel lonely. Ella would marry Samuel. She knew she gained feelings for him on their journey but she did not want to acknowledge them. She glanced  through the window and saw him just wake up from his sleep. Every time he got hurt, she worried. I will bring him home safely. For Ella.

Trying to act normal, she stood up tall and exclaimed "I am ready to go! Mue?" The squirrel blinked at her and then replied,

"Of course! I am ready when you are ready!" Danielle's mood lifted when he said that. This told her that he would always be by her side although he was a squirrel and she was ferocious black dragon. Strange combination. She thought and laughed a little.

She waited outside the door until Herman, Samuel, and the bandit gang walked out with packs on their backs. Aldred stood in the door way saying goodbye. Danielle thanked him again and they all left the village the way Danielle came in. While traveling through a deep crevice in the mountain Danielle looked back at the village. Although the village had no idea who defeated the wyverns, she felt good about herself. She saved a village she didn't even know.

"Danielle," Samuel spoke. "Are you alright?" Danielle looked at him and his handsome face and smiled her dragon smile.

"Yes!" Samuel watched her curiously and then looked away. What is she thinking right now? He thought. Danielle looked at him.

"Your hair looks messy." Samuel covered his hair with his hands and replied,

"Just be quiet! Worry about your own precious hair." Danielle laughed.

"I can't right now. I am a dragon, remember now?" Samuel glared at her with a red face.

"Rest your eyes somewhere else and not on me!" Danielle started laugh which triggered Samuel's anger.

Alec walked beside Herman and watched the two argue.

"They look like a good pair don't you think?" He asked Herman. Herman shrugged.

"I guess so but Samuel is engaged to Danielle's older sister Ella."

"Well that's too bad," Alec replied and continued to watch them.

"Don't worry Alec, your time will come when you will fall in love," Judas said to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I don't know. Have you Judas?" The man looked away for a moment with blushes on his cheeks.

"Sure I have but I am not sure that it is that kind of love," he replied.

"Alec, there is a woman who needs someone right here behind you!" Zacharias said with a smirk. Shannon pinched his ear.

"Zach! Can't you keep quiet?" Zacharias tried to pull away from her painful grasp. Alec and Storm laughed and so did Judas. Herman watched them but kept quiet.

They were coming to the end of the crevice and soon they would be traveling deeper in to the valley of mountains. Herman had no idea how they were going to find Andorra but he had a feeling he knew that Danielle could lead lead them to her.

The End

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