It wasn't long after her battle with they wyverns that the sun started to set and the cool night crawled in. Because of her humongous body, she had to stay outside while the others were inside in the house eating their meals. Danielle lay on the cold ground and watched everyone through the small window. Inside, Shannon, Storm, and Zacharias were arguing while Judas, Herman and Alec sat at the small table with Samuel sitting across from them. Lillia, the girl, went up to his side bringing him a plate of cooked meat and stew on the side. She was smiling making his cheeks go red. Danielle wanted to look away but her eyes stayed on them.

She longed for home and for Ella and her family. Just thinking about it made her heart ache and she felt like crying. Suddenly Samuel looked at her through the window and she quickly looked away. She closed her eyes and tried to make her mind blank but Andorra popped into her mind. Tomorrow they would find her for sure and then she could turn her body back. Hopefully.

"Danielle." She opened her eyes and lifted her head. She saw Samuel standing a few feet away staring at her with concern.

"Are you alright?" he asked. Danielle looked at him in surprised. Hmp he's being nice to me.

"Yes I'm fine, why?"

"You seemed sad when I saw you," he replied.

"I'm okay." Danielle rested her head.

"Do you miss your family Samuel?" He looked at her and sat down.

"Yes, very much."

"What about Ella?" Samuel looked at her with surprise.

"Yes, of course." Danielle watched him turn his head away and stare at the ground.

"Do you really believe Andorra lives somewhere in these mountains?" He asked. It took a while for Danielle to reply.

"Yes. I can feel it. Sometimes I have dreams of where I see her calling to me. And when I wake up, I look at the mountains and I have this feeling that she is there, some where." Danielle felt like smiling. Both of them were getting along and having a conversation that was going along smoothly. 

Mue began to snore creating an awkward moment between them. Luckily Herman walked out of the house telling Samuel to come inside for it was time to sleep. Samuel stood up and walked past Herman making his way into the house where Aldred moved the table creating space for them all the sleep. Lillia had gone home to her family.

Herman looked at Danielle and said,

"We will arise early tomorrow and begin our search. You tell us which direction and we will follow. You are the one who led us to these mountains after all." Danielle nodded and Herman went back into the house. I hope he isn't mad at me for not waiting for them.She thought.

Danielle closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep where another dream appeared. She saw Andorra once again, running through the foggy woods calling her name.


"Andorra." The witch turned from her window and saw one of her minotaurs standing in the door way holding a huge ax with a perfectly sharp blade.

"The wyverns that were on their way here were attacked and killed by a black dragon." Andorra smiled.

"Just go back to the soldiers and worry about them. We will have a new visitor soon and I want you to be ready. Stand in front of the gate and wait for the black dragon to arrive. We will give her a nice welcome." The minotaur left the room as Andorra was chuckling.

"My plan is working. Soon the prophecy will be changed and I will have my revenge on my brother and the whole kingdom. They will regret what they did to me." She turned to the scuffling noises in the corner of the room.

"I can see you are becoming excited." The figure stood there.

"I just want to see if it's really possible to change the prophecy." Andorra walked toward the figure and put her fingers under his chin.

"Don't worry. Either way I will get my revenge."

The End

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