Danielle struck the first wyvern that came at her. Her teeth dug into his neck and she tasted the green liquid that her teeth was now coated with. As the creature cried out in horror, she released it's neck. It thrung it's head back with it's blood gushing out from it's wound. Then she bit it's wing and tore just as she did with the Rust Dragon. With her claws, she wrapped them around the wyvern's body and thrust it downward so it crashed into village grounds.

The other wyvern then had jumped on her back and furociously scratched her scales creating deep cuts. Danielle cried out and tried to shake the wyvern off of her. She succeeded with using all her strength then she attacked. It's much bigger than the other. She thought. She felt it's strained efforts to get her off of it.

 She released the creature and it flew at her to attack but she gathered a heavy gas inside her throat. In less than a second, powerful flames escaped her throat concealing the wyvern until it was a crisp, burnt figure that fell toward the ground. Danielle landed in the village and stared at the wyverns that she killed.

"I did it," she said. "That was too easy. Hey Mue, I did it!" She waited for a reply but realised she left him with Samuel.

"Aaaaaaaahhhh!"  She heard a scream from nearby. She looked behind her and saw a villager backed up against a wall. He was young boy and was looking at her in fright.

"No, it's alright," Danielle told him. "I won't hurt you." The boy screamed again and ran away. Danielle watched him in disapointment.

"Am I really that frightening?" She asked herself. With stinging scratches on her back she leaped into the air and starting flying back to Samuel and Herman. Below her vilagers began coming out of their homes. Some of them glanced at her and screamed but others didn't noticed.

Danielle smiled when she saw Herman, Samuel, and the bandit gang waiting for her by the doctor's home. Mue was sitting on Samuel's shoulder waving at her with his little paws and calling her name while the girl Samuel was with earlier was standing behind him. Danielle landed in front of them. She looked at Herman and saw that he was staring at her with questioning eyes. Then she looked at Samuel who's wound was gone and he looked alive.

The End

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