Danielle stood up taller reaching over the cliff to see what sort of creatures these were. Below she could see the villagers rushing to their home carrying their children to safety while others quickly abandoned their markets. Danielle stared at the winged creatures who were a forest green color with a long neck and a large head.  Their mouths contained extremely sharp teeth and they had only two legs and two wings.  

"What are they?" Danielle asked out loud.

"They are very strange looking," Mue commented. One of them roared sending an eerie feeling through Danielle's body.

"I have a bad feeling." She looked at Samuel and the girl who's attention was turned to the creatures as well.

"Oh no. I need to warn them. Samuel!" she called. Both of  them looked  straight at her. The girl then screamed cowering behind Samuel.

"Samuel let's get back inside!" The girl cried pulling him with her although Samuel resisted.

"Hurry and get inside Samuel," Danielle told him. "I'll chase them away. Mue, you go with them." Mue hesitated but obeyed and bounded down the mountain toward Samuel and jumped onto his shoulder. Danielle launched off from the cliff and began to soar toward the creatures who were now swarming the village. They began to swoop down ward reaching out their claws to snatch some of the villagers.

"Danielle wait!" Samuel lunged from the girl's grasp but two strong arms grabbed his shoulders pulling him back. He looked to see that it was Herman. The bandit gang were standing behind him along with the old doctor.

"Don't worry. She will be fine. Remember when she defeated the Rust Dragon? These will be even easier for her to kill," Herman said. Samuel watched the black Dragon attack one of the creatures.

"What are they?"

"Wyverns. Creatures of the Ancient power that existed even before we humans did. Few of these creatures still live today," Herman replied.  Samuel looked into the sky with concern. He hoped Danielle would be alright.

The End

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