A beginning Battle

Samuel thrust his legs over to the side and stood up. He put his arms out to the side and stretched. He glanced sideways and saw Lillia gazing at him in wonder. He looked away and looked to Herman who was holding his dirty old shirt. He took it and slipped it over his head pulling the shirt down so it covered his stomach.

“Lillia,” Aldred spoke. “I need more herbs.” Lilllia’s face lit up and she smiled.

“I will go pick them right away!” She exclaimed and threw open the door.

“Aldred, can Samuel come with me?” Aldred looked at the prince

‘Yes.” Lillia squealed, took Samuel’s hand lead him out the door in a rush.

“The herbs are behind here,” she said running around the small house. Behind it was a tiny hill and beyond that was a dirt field with plants growing out from the soil. Samuel looked up for a mountain nearby was so tall it seemed to reach the sun.

“Come here Samuel and pick these!” Lillia exclaimed pointing to some purple colored plants with a type of black fruit growing on the tip of the branches. Kneeling beside Lillia, Samuel began to pick the black herbs off of the branches and cupped them in his hand.

“So what injury did Aldred cure this time?” Lillia asked.

“An arrow struck my heart.”

“Ooo, well it’s a good thing you came here. Aldred can heal anyone. Since I was young I always came here to watch him heal people and take care of them. My father works at a bakery and my mother stays home to do the chores. When I was bored I came here to play and Aldred would teach about herbs and healing powers. I am his apprentice now.”  Lillia got up and ran to another spot with herbs. Samuel watched her smile and her cheeks flush and thought of someone. Danielle and this girl were a lot alike. They were very cheerful. Especially Danielle who hanged around Ella a lot. He could see her happiness when she was with Ella just like Lillia and Aldred. They cared for each other deeply and couldn’t be happy if one of them died leaving the  other to be alone.

“Samuel.” He looked up startled and confused.

“Samuel, look here.” It was low whisper that Samuel thought that he could only hear. He turned his view from Lillia to the mountain. He gasped seeing  Danielle’s face peering at him over the cliff above him. Samuel hurriedly looked back to see if Lillia noticed but her eyes were focused on the herbs she was picking. Samuel looked Danielle in the eyes and said in a quiet voice,

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to see if you were alright,” Danielle replied. Samuel rolled his eyes and lifted his arms in a gesture to show that he was perfectly fine. Danielle released a deep breath and smiled.

“That’s good.”

“Go  now,” Samuel said. “Before she sees you.”

“Who’s she?” Danielle demanded.

“I have no time to explain. Now go.”

“Samuel, put yours in my apron,” Lillia said coming toward him. Danielle quickly hid herself and watched him put the herbs into the pile where her herbs were.

“Why is Samuel with her?” Danielle muttered and watched the girl smile and say something to him.

“They’re sure getting along well.” Mue was peering down as well and said,

“They look well together.”

“Mue! He is engaged to my sister, he can’t fall in love with this girl.”

“I sense envy.?”

“Mue! Be quiet!” They watched the two begin walking away but right as they made it past the hill a few screams ran through the village. Danielle immediately looked to the sky with panic and saw three winged creatures making their way toward the village.

The End

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