Danielle and Mue flew through the sky and saw the village not very far from them.

"I will land here," Danielle said and flew lower until she reached the ground. With Danielle's tall body, she stood over the huge boulders overlooking the town. They looked at the village seeing many homes and people scattered aroung the place.

"How will we find them?" Mue asked in her ear. Danielle didn't reply, She stared at the people seeing if she could spot any of her companions.

"Well Danielle?"

"Hmm, how about you go in and find them Mue?" Danielle suggested. Mue's tail stood on it's end.


"Yes, now go." Danielle pushed him with her claw and he climbed down the boulders to the other side.

"Come back to me if you find them."

"A-alright," Mue replied in his little voice. Once he reached the ground he bounded off toward the village.

"Find them Mue. Please," she said to herself. She waited for about an hour for Mue return but there was no sigh of him. She wished she could just walk right into the village but in her dragon form there was no way she would to do that. Her stomachwas growling a minute later and she groaned.

"I need to need eat something," she said.

"Danielle!" She turned to her right with her heart full of hope.

"I found them. They are staying with an old man who lives on the very edge of the village." Mue used one of his small hairy fingers to point north from them.

"Did you see Samuel?"

"Yes and he is all healed. There was no wound or blood nor anything!" Danielle sighed in relief.

"That's good. Oh and you didn't let them see you did you?"

"No!" Mue exlaimed.

"Good because I don't want Herman to know that I came to the village to look for them."

"How will we get to the other side?"

"We will go around of course," Danielle replied. "It's the only way because if we fly the villagers will see us and there will be a huge comotion." They started walking through canvasas mountains that surrounded the village.

"I am so happy we are here in the Enigma mountains but I am nervous too," Danielle said. "Andorra has to be here I can feel it." Mue didn't say anything but sat on her head and closed his eyes.

"Wake me up when we get to the other side." Danielle rolled her eyes. Mue was very lazy most of the time but when he was active, she found him fun  to be around. When she got changed back into her body, she would make sure that she could keep Mue.

A while later she made it to the other side tired and hungry. After waking up Mue they crept through a tight crevise making their way to the doctor's home.


The girl had long golden blonder hair that went down to her waist and she had blue eyes. Her skin was fair with rosy cheeks and she looked to be a year younger than Samuel.

"Lillia! How nice of you to come visit me!" Aldred exclaimed and ran to hug her. After they embraced the girl looked at his guests.

"Who are these people?" she asked in her cheery voice.

"Oh some old guests I had a while ago," Aldred replied.

"So he does remember us," Storm whispered to Shannon.

"But the big man here with the red hair and the young man sitting in the bed are new." Lillia rested her eyes on Samuel and smiled.

"Ohhh, what's your name?" she asked him. She walked over to him and sat on the edge of the bed.

"U-uh Samuel."

"Nice to meet you!" Lillia exlaimed.

"You know you're cute!" Samuel's face turned red and he glanced at Herman. Herman just shrugged and looked away.

The End

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