Samuel's Awakening

“Samuel.” The voice entered his ears. He was having a dream although it disappeared. Now he heard the sound of voices around him, calling his name.

“Wake up now Samuel,” Herman said. He opened his eyes and saw many people standing around him. He looked left and saw Herman.

“Herman,” he whispered.

“It’s alright now. You can get up. You’re healed,”

"You are awake now!" The old man cried. He grabbed a bowl and clumsily dumped the soup into the bowl. Then he put it carefully in Samuel's hands.

"Here now, eat that." Samuel put the bowl to his lips and poured the soup into his mouth. A delicous taste filled his mouth and he ate more.

"It is very good!" The old man smiled. Storm crossed his arms.

"Hmp since when did he cook something that is not overcooked?"

"Just be quiet Storm," Shannon muttered nudging him in the arm.

"Finally, it's about time this little prince woke up now we can leave this village," Zacharias said with relief.

"No, you cannot leave yet," Aldred remarked.

"Why not!" Zacharias yelled.

"I still have to pack supplies for you on your journey and that will take the whole day." Zacharias scoffed.

"This old man is slow," he murmured.  

"What did you say?" The man asked over his shoulder. He was stirring the soup again.

"Nothing," Zacharias replied.

"Can I have more soup?" Samuel asked. He was very hungry.

"Oh yes," Aldred replied and poured more soup into his bowl.

"How long have I been asleep?" Samuel asked.

"Two days," Herman replied. Samuel put more soup in his mouth savoring the taste it brought.He finished that bowl and asked for another and when he was finished, he searched for one specific person.

"Where is Danielle?"

"She is waiting for us. We thought bringing her would startle the village so we told her to wait until we returned," Herman explained.

"Right." Samuel looked out the window to see the sun shining and the lingering mountains waiting to be searched. They were in the mountains now. Danielle said she felt that Andorra lived some where in these mountains and now they were there.

Samuel looked away from the window and looked at the door. Suddenly it opened a girl popped her head in.

"Aldred!" She cried stepping into the house.

The End

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