Ella and Cynric

One by one the stars slowly came out in the mysterious night brightly shining and showing off the glory of their light. Herman sat outside while the others stayed with Aldred and Samuel eating a small meal the doctor made for them. After their experience in the cave the only thing he could think about was the woman and what she said about his father. His curiosity tensed as he thought about it more. The woman called herself the Hidden One and said she knew his father. His sick father’s image appeared in his mind making his eyes sting with tears but he held them back.

There was something about his father the villagers of Sharpine would talk about. That his father had magic. The woman who called herself the Hidden One may have had some sort of communication with him.Who is she?Herman thought. And why did she only appear to him and Danielle?

He shivered from the cold weather that came from the rain earlier that day and decided he should go back inside. He opened the door and saw everyone finishing off their food. There was one plate full of burnt food waiting for him. He picked it up and began to eat. Even though it was burnt, he was so hungry he ate it.

“Ella, you need to go to bed,” Queen Maralyn said.

“No, I’m alright,” Ella replied. Maralyn shook her head. She touched her daughter’s shoulder.

“You have been worrying all day, you need your rest.”

“But I want to wait until the knights return.” Maralyn sighed and stroked her daughter’s hair.

“Alright,” she replied softly. She left Ella standing in the throne room and headed to her and Steven’s bed chamber.

Adrian and the others were already asleep so it was just Ella waiting for Cynric’s return. She was tired but did want to go to bed yet. She wanted to see if they found Samuel which she hoped.

“Princess,” a guard said as he entered the throne room.

“The knights have returned.” Ella felt the hope rise inside her as she raced out of the castle and to the knights quarters. They were heading there now.

“Cynric!” She called. It was dark outside so she couldn’t tell which knight was him. One knight stopped and turned to her and she recognized him. She looked at him with a face full of hope but he stared back.

“I’m sorry,” he said. All the hope vanished from within her and she felt like she could collapse there right then and start sobbing. Unexpectedly, she put her head on his breastplate and let the tears leak. He then rested his hand on the back of her head and left it there.

“Will we ever find him?” she asked. There was a moment before Cynric replied.

“We will. Don’t worry Ella. He will turn up soon. Just believe it.” Ella smiled a little. Cynric’s words made it seem so true.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Looking for him.”

Another day passed and Samuel still hadn’t waked up. Noticing Herman’s concerned face, Aldred laughed.

“Tomorrow the prince will surely awaken. Do not worry!” The doctor opened the front door.

“I am going to pick some herbs.  Could maybe some of you go into town and buy meat and flour for tonight’s dinner? I am making a special supper for tonight!” The door slammed shut.

“Silly old man,” Shannon muttered.

“I’ll go into town and buy the meat and flour,” Herman said opening the door and walking out into the cloudy, cool day.

The End

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