Chapter Seven

They stood in front of an old small house just beyond the edge of the village that was made of stone with a wooden door and only one window. 

"Go ahead and knock," Judas told Alec. The young man nodded, lifted his fist and hit the door three times. It was quiet after as they waited for someone to open the door. Alec then straightened his back and stood tall once the door opened and there stood an old man who looked to be about sixty years old. He had a bushy mustache with a head full of thick white hair and his eyes were grey.

"Ooooo, I have visitors! Come in come in!"he said eagerly and pulled Alec inside his home.

"All of you now! I see you have an injured man who needs help!" He ushered them in. The old man closed the door which shut pretty hard surprising them all.

"Now put him on the bed," the old man said. Herman lowered Samuel and set him on the mattress.

"Can I have your names now?" The old man questioned.

"Don't you remember us?"Storm asked him coldly. The man looked at him with questioning eyes.

" I am sorry, I'm not good at remembering people's faces. Any way I will look at his wound while you guys wait outside."

"Wait, why do we have to wait outside?"Zacharias asked. "I'm hot and we've been traveling all day." Shannon nudged him hard. Judas nodded and opened the door and walked out with the rest following him. 

"I can't believe that old man didn't even remember us," Shannon spoke. "One time we stayed with him for about two weeks because Zach and Alec were injured badly from a fight we were involved in with other bandits." 

"He's becoming very old Shannon. It's been a while since we have seen him so we can't expect him to remember,"Judas told her. Suddenly, the door opened and the man poked his head out.

"You can come in now. Sorry for making you wait out side but I like to be alone when I work." 

Samuel was still limp as they walked in but they couldn't believe what they saw. The bandages were gone and the prince's chest was clean. There was no wound nor blood found and his chest was clean. Judas noticed Herman's astonished face and chuckled. 

"That's Aldred for you. He contains amazing healing power that can cure wounds like what Samuel had. When he wakes up there will be no pain at all. But... it will take time for him to awake."

"How long?"Herman asked.

"Two days at least," Aldred said coming back in the room with a tray of cups full of steaming liquid. He went around passing a cup to everyone. Then he left the house again leaving the group to stand there staring at Samuel. 

Storm put the cup to his lips and began to pour the liquid into his mouth. But right when it touched his tongue, he gasped for it was extremely hot.

"That man always overcooks things!" He exclaimed touching his burnt tongue. Alec stood beside him laughing. Storm glared at him.

"Here you drink it!" He said forcing the cup to Alec's mouth. He cried pushing it away from him.

The End

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