The Village In The Mountains

Samuel’s eyes drifted open and he noticed Herman was carrying him. Samuel stared at Herman’s big jaw tiredly until the man looked down at him.

“Where are we going?” Samuel asked him. He inspected the strangers that walked beside him. Oh yeah, the bandits. He thought.

“A mountain village, which is only about three hours away,” Herman responded. Samuel looked for Danielle with his wandering eyes but he couldn’t spot her anywhere.

“Danielle is staying back so the village won’t be alarmed. It’s for the best.” Samuel nodded and closed his eyes. He opened them and stared into the sky. He was extremely exhausted and could feel the intense wound in his chest burn the inside creating almost an unbearable pain. The sky was cloudy covered with many dark rain clouds descending over the land and the sun was no where to be seen. The cold weather stung their skin as they proceeded through the mountain valley.

Danielle and Mue sat together on the ground looking at the clouds that now overran their world. Next to them laid the remains of a carcass Danielle hadannihilatedafter their companions left them. Now that Herman, the gang, and Samuel were gone, she felt lonely.

“It’s raining,” Mue said. Cold rain drops fell from the sky filling the air with a bitter cold that enveloped the two creatures. Danielle and Mue moved to a better spot under taller pine trees but blocked some of the rain from hitting them.

“Can you believe it Mue? We are almost close to Andorra!” Danielle exclaimed trying lift the depression off of their shoulders. Mue pampered with his soaked tail to make it more puffy then he gazed at her with excitement.

“You’ll become a human once more!” He said. Danielle nodded. But the squirrel sat back on his rear.

“But if you go back to being human, I probably won’t see you again.” Because the mood went back to the way it was, Danielle frowned.

“Well I will beg my father to let you stay in the castle.” Mue and Danielle looked at each other in the eyes.

“Really?”  Mue asked. Danielle nodded. Mue came to her side and cuddled against her black, smooth scales. She smiled and lifted a wing to cover him from the rain. Then she became at ease herself and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Judas, Alec, Shannon, Zacharias, Storm and Herman stood on a high cliff above a village that was surrounded by tall, brownish mountains. A moment ago the rain stopped and the atmosphere became clearer and easier to see.

“Here we are. My gang and I visited this village before so we know the doctor. Kind of,” Judas told Herman

“Alright, come let’s get going!” Zacharias hollered from below. He had already commenced and was waiting on a lower cliff. Herman climbed down conveying the wounded prince down to each bandit. Once the group reached the ground, they made their way into the village.

It was healthy village with many people roaming about visiting markets and greeting each other.

“Now let’s find the doctor,” Judas said.  

The End

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