The sun was a glowing red sphere that rose above the mountains and forests. The world was lit by its striking sunrays. The light shone in Ella’s clear brown eyes as she gazed into the sky that was becoming anew. A week had already passed since Samuel’s and Danielle’s disappearance. The whole kingdom was in uproar now that her father declared that they would be going to war. Andorra had taken her sister. Father told her family about Andorra yesterday and their past.

Ella sighed. She hoped Samuel returned home soon so that she could see him one more time before he departs with his father and go to war. She didn’t know the outcome the war would bring but she hoped none of her loved ones would be killed.

Ella walked down a hall where her feet made faint sounds as she made her way to her bedroom. On the way, a group of knights passed her. Walking head of the group was Cynric. He stopped and so did the rest of knights and they looked at each other. Cynric smiled at her.

“Good day,” he said. Ella gave him a sweet smile and nodded.

“Where are you off today?” she asked him.

“King Seth ordered me and my knights to search for the prince one again. We are going out right now.”

“Oh, well please find him,” Ella said softly. “ And be safe.”

“Will do.” Cynric  held her hand to his lips and kissed it. Then he and his knights turned a corner and headed toward the front entrance of the castle.


Danielle’s eyes drooped as she watched one of the bandit gang’s members, Shannon, massage her bow. She did not get much sleep last night for she was too worried about Samuel. She glanced at the sleeping prince. His bandages were dried with blood and his chest rose up and down slowly. Her eyes turned back to Shannon’s bow.

“What is it you want?” Shannon asked in an irritated voice.

“Uh … nothing. I ju-.” Shannon raised her left arm.

“Don’t speak.”

“Why?” Danielle stared at the bandit in bewilderment.

“Because dragons are not supposed to speak.” Danielle didn’t reply but watched her take an arrow and slip it into her bow. If dragons were not allowed to speak how could she?

Shannon pulled back the arrow released the arrow. It zipped through the air and landed smack into a tree trunk that was at least twenty feet away.

“Wow! You’re an expert!” Danielle exclaimed.

“That was amazing!” Mue exclaimed also as he perched on Danielle’s head.

“The squirrel can talk also,” Shannon murmured.

“How did you learn to do that?” Danielle asked. The woman sighed and sat back down on the ground.

“My father was taught me. He was an excellent sharpshooter.”

“Where is your father now?”

“He’s dead.” Shannon stood up, clutched her bow and walked away carrying her arrows with her.

“Nice job Danielle. You made her depressed now,” Mue said.

“I didn’t mean to, I mean I didn’t know.”  Danielle walked over to Samuel looked at him. Sweat trickled down his face and his lips were cracked. She could tell he was in pain.

“Danielle.” Herman appeared beside her with a sack over his shoulder.

“Do you think you could stay here and wait for us to return until Samuel gains his health back?”

“But why? Why can’t I come?” She blurted.

“A dragon like you will alert the villagers,” Herman replied sternly. Danielle sighed. He had a point.

“F-fine,” she answered.

  Her  eyes rested on Samuel’s dirty face.

“Oh I hope he will be alright,” she said to herself.

“He will, don’t worry.” A voice behind her said. She looked and saw Alec.

“There is a doctor in the village that can use magic that can heal a wound like this. As long as we get him to the doctor fast enough, he won’t die.” Danielle smiled.

“Thank you so much for what you did,” Danielle said.  Alec nodded and turned away.

“Well I am going to get my pack,” he said and walked away.

“I can’t believe we are sticking to these lousy mutts. We could find Andorra on our own if we wanted to. Judas’s and Andorra’s relationship makes me curious,” Zacharias said and took out his sword. Storm stood beside him and agreed.

“And that black dragon. It’s a shock that there is one standing before us,” Storm said.

“Oh yes and it’s worth a fortune. I still don’t understand Judas’s meaning for asking them to come along but I hope we don’t get too involved with their problems.” Storm and Zacharias saw Judas and Alec walking toward them already set to go.

“Are you two ready?” Judas asked. His determined eyes stared into theirs.

“Yeah, whatever let’s just go,” Zacharias replied and sheathed his sword.

Herman picked Samuel up in his strong muscled arms and carried him.

“Stay here and wait for us. We won’t be long,” Herman told Danielle.  The dragon nodded and watched the group disappear into the mountains.


The End

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