Almost There

Samuel was surprised Danielle gladly accepted this man’s offer to come with them. He stared at her and saw her large mouth curved up into a smile. She bent her head with her mouth close to his ear. She could hear him breathe heavily from the wound in his chest.

“Isn’t this nice?” she whispered. Samuel glared at her.

“We don’t know them! How could we trus-“Samuel’s babbling stopped as the pain grew more severe and hard to handle. He cried pressing against his wound. Then he fell to the ground in pain with blood spilling from his wound. He heard Danielle call his name many times but his vision became blurry and soon completely black.

Samuel’s eyes opened halfway. He heard faint voices around him. One in particular sounded close and familiar

“Samuel?” Her voice sounded soft and gentle. He opened his eyes wider and found Mue close to his face watching him with his tiny black eyes. He turned his head and saw Danielle who was lying close to him. He noticed it was dark and that a campfire had been built with six figures sitting around it. Samuel looked down at himself. His shirt was taken off and there were bandages wrapped around his chest.

“The youngest bandit, Alec wrapped bandages your wound to stop the bleeding,” Danielle said. Samuel looked at everyone who sat near the fire. His eyes rested on the smaller figure Alec. He looked to be his age.

“Isn’t it nice of him?” Samuel nodded

“Does it hurt?”Danielle asked.

“A little,” Samuel replied.  Beside him, Mue was curled up in a small ball and was already asleep. He watched the bandit gang talk and eat their meal with Herman. He tried to make out what they were saying.

“Samuel.” He turned his head to look at the dragon.

“Thank you for protecting me,” she said.

“Y-you’re welcome,” he said hoarsely.

“Are you thirsty?” she asked. “I’ll get you some water!”

“Wait! You can’t get me water, ask Herman!” Danielle stared blankly at but realized what he meant.

“Herman!” She called. “Samuel needs some water!” Herman stood from his spot, grabbed his canteen and walked over to them. He kneeled beside Samuel, lifted his chest slowly and carefully put the canteen to his lips. Cold water was poured into his mouth and slid down his throat. Then Herman set him back on the ground.

“Danielle,” Herman said.


“You haven’t eaten yet so why don’t you go hunt?” Danielle looked at Samuel.

“Oh yeah, I am really hungry.” She walked away.

“She hasn’t eaten since our fight with Judas. She wanted to stay with you until you woke up,” Herman told Samuel. Samuel watched Danielle leave until she was gone. Danielle?

“Anyway,” Herman concluded. “Sleep more tonight. Tomorrow we’ll we entering a village to find a doctor who will be able to help you cure faster.” Samuel nodded and closed his eyes.

Danielle walked through the dark wood at a slow pace as she searched the woods cautiously. But then she stopped and gazed admiringly up at the white, glowing moon.  She was so close to finding Andorra. The feeling she had grew stronger and stronger each time they came closer to these mountains. Sometimes she thought she could hear her voice whispering her name.I’m coming Andorra.Danielle thought

The End

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