A New Decision

"Let's go," Herman told Samuel and Danielle. 

"It's not over yet!" Zacharias yelled. He lunged at Samuel with his sword but Samuel clumsly cut him off and swung his sword near his chest. Zacharias dodged it quickly and slew one of Samuel's legs. The prince cried out in pain and collapsed .

"Samuel!" Danielle cried coming for his help. But Zacharias appeared before her. She gasped as he pounced raising his mighty sword above her head and ready to strike. She looked at him horrified. She didn't want to die, not at this moment. She wanted to protect Samuel. Herman and Mue as well. To this time on, she wanted to call them friends.

Zacharias was about to strike when she lifted her claws and swat him. He  shrieked and hit the ground with force that the wind was knocked out of him. Shannon ran to him and helped him to stand.

"Stupid... dragon," Zacharias murmured and regained his breath.

"Stop this fight," Danielle said confidently. Samuel looked up at her in astonishment. She advanced toward Judas with determination and courage in her heart. Storm and Alec held their swords out for protection while guarding Judas but the leader motioned for them to lower their weapons. 

Danielle stopped in her tracks once she got close enough to talk to Judas face to face.

"What do you want?" Judas asked.

"I am Kings Steven's daughter." Judas's eyes widened.




"Andorra did this to me."

"Why?" He asked. He knew Andorra was a witch but why did she do something like this?

"She want's to get revenge on my kingdom," Danielle replied remembering Andorra mention something like that when she first met her. Judas hung his head. Andorra is evil now? He thought. In the past she was always quiet and distant from everyone else.

"My companions and I are searching for her right now so she can change my body back." Judas looked into her eyes and said,

"Let me come with you. I wish to speak to Andorra myself."

The End

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