The Past Of Judas and Herman

Samuel's breath caught in his throat and his knees gave away and he fell to the ground. He knelt there covering the wound in his chest as blood spillled out.

"Samuel! Are you alright?" Danielle asked.

"Yes," he replied. He looked into the bandit's eyes.

"It was long ago when I was seven years old. I lived in Sharpine with my mother and father."

So he's a survivor as well. Samuel thought.

"My father worked in the village as a trader. Somedays I would travel with him to the kingdom of Zilda to collect supplies and bring them back to the village. While on our stay in Zilda, I left my father while he worked preparing the supplies ready to be brought back. I snuck into the palace grounds and I met Prince Steven and Seth and we became freinds. I was called their secret friend for no one new of my exsistence. That is until Steven's older sister saw us playing together that she became my freind as well."


Danielle didn't know what to think when she learned that this man was her father's childhood friend. It bothered her that her father hid some things in his past. Like Andorra. She said she was her father's sister and she believed it. And now there was this bandit who said he was her childhood friend. He was also a survivor of the plague that swept through the village Sharpine.

"Years after our friendship had grown, we became more distant. I went to our secret place to meet them but it seemed they didn't want to do anything. They were too caught up in preparing for the future. Andorra, she became too quiet and cold that I couldn't speak to her. She became heartless." There was an awkward silence after that until Judas concluded.

"After a month of staying in Zilda, me and my father returned to our village but found that a illness affected everyone in the village. Even my mother who was already dead before we could say goodbye. My father was stricken with sadness that he told me to get away quickly before I could be affected. So I did and I met my gang." Danielle's heart ached and she gazed upon him with sadness in her eyes. Samuel was staring at the ground. Herman's hand clenched his sword and he gritted his teeth.

"And then you came and killed my family," he jeered. Danielle and Samuel glanced at him in shock. Judas looked at him as well.

"It was Bracken's doing not I." Herman scoffed and lunged at the bandit in rage. He blocked Herman's sword and spoke,

"I tried to stop him from doing it but he wouldn't listen!" Herman freed his sword and swung at him many times but Judas blocked him.

"Believe me, I didn't want it to happen," Judas said. Herman remembered that day when the bandits robbed his house. Judas and a taller bandit had trapped him and his familly in their room. Judas was arguing with the other bandit, Bracken, not to kill them and that they were only there to rob them of their posessions.

"Bracken's thirst for kill led it to disaster," Judas said. Herman stopped slashing.

"If that's the case then this past should be forgotten." Judas looked at him with surprise and felt the guilt begin to ware off.

"Herman," Danielle spoke quietly.

The End

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