Judas and his gang managed to escape from the tumbling cave and were standing far from the entrance. Alec was panting and said,

" Here they come."

"Everyone ready!" Judas commanded. The black dragon was the first to break through the cave, then the other two followed. Judas and his gang stood poised with their weapons ready for attack. The two enemies stood and faced each other while the cave completely collapsed. Samuel breathed hard and eyes their fo's. He looked at the leader of the group and instantly recognized him.

"You," he choked. "Your that bandit." The memory flashed in his mind back to when he and his father were hunting in the woods. Judas studied him and recognized the young prince, son of King Seth.

"Yes I remember you," Judas replied. Zacharias looked at both of them.

"Boss, now is not the time for a reunion, let's just get kill them, take the dragon and get outta here." He charged Herman and Samuel.

"Wait!" Zacharias stopped and growled. He glared at Samuel.

"What now?" Samuel looked at Judas and remembered their encounter. 

"Father!" Samuel yelled and chased after him. Both of them went deeper into the woods following the sounds of men yelling. They stopped, seeing a group of bandits stalking a worn out figure. A woman?

"Hey!" Samuel yelled at them. "Leave her alone!" The bandits turned to them. They began to laugh wickedly and one of them began making his way toward them. He wore a black mask that covered his mouth and nose leaving his peircing gray eyes to glare heavily at them.

"What makes you think you can tell me what to do?" he snarled. King Seth stepped foward and unsheathed his sword.

"If you leave her alone I won't have you arrested."

"Hey boss, isn't that King Seth?" one of the bandits spoke. The boss seemed to hesitate and it took him along time to reply. He growled.

"Fine." He turned to his group. "Let's leave this place."

"You know my father," Samuel said. Judas's expression changed.

"Boss, you don't need to answer. Like I said, let's get this over with and take the dragon." Zacharias raised his sword to smite them.

"Hold it," Judas ordered. Zacharias lowered the blade.

"Urrgghh," he growled and turned his glare to his leader.

"Your father and I were once childhood friends," Judas said.

The End

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