Samuel's Rescue

The white, spacious room disappeared the same moment the woman vanished from their sights. Danielle was too shocked to move from her spot and hadn't noticed that the statue disappeared as well. She looked down at herself and sawthat she was still in her dragon form. Herman was in the same state as she was. This woman new his father somehow and he yearned to find out how. Danielle opened her mouth to speak but Samuel 's voice broke out in a cry.

"Danielle! Look out!" Samuel yelled. Danielle turned around to see an arrow coming at her. She felt panic rise inside her chest but she didn't want to move. Her eyes closed and the sound of flesh pierced  filled her ears. Danielle was expecting to feel severe pain in her chest but there was none. She opened her eyes to see what happened and found something fully unexpected.

Samuel was standing in front of her like a shield. She gaped at him in surprise.

"Samuel?" He began to breath deeply for the arrow struck his shoulder.

"Just... don't say.... anything," he said. To stunned to move, she stood paralyzed with fright.

"Why did you...?"

"I told you not to speak!" He told her harshly. Why did he? They hated each other. They argued and called each other names. 

"You are Ella's sister. If you were killed, she couldn't bear to live without you. So I have to protect you." Danielle didn't reply but watched him in shock. So he's doing this for Ella. She didn't know why she thought they could take a liking to each other and become friends. It seemed Samuel didn't have a care for her but only for Ella.

"Judas!" The woman with the bow blurted. The cave was rumbling and the ceiling was collapsing. A rock landed close to Danielle making her jump out of the way.

"We need to get out of here," Mue said.

Samuel fell to his knees pressing gasping for breath. 

"Samuel!" Danielle hollered and ran to his side. Herman was already there helping the prince to stand.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"No! I'm not!" Samuel snapped. Danielle flinched at the sharpness of his words. 

"Hurry!" Mue screamed from the top of her head. Herman drew Samuel's arm over his neck helped him to stand. They made their way out of the cave where large amounts of rocks kept falling above them.

The End

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