The Presence Of Power

Andorra felt fear rising inside of her. Her blood ran cold as she stared out of her window and watched her kingdom. She felt her face go pale as the strong feeling overcame her, making her body tremble in fear. A mysterious power had been released into the world. And she knew what this power belonged to.

"How?" She said. With Mystra released from her prison her plan could fail. She gritted her teeth.

"Who could of-"

"Andorra," A voice appeared from behind her bedroom door. "What is it now?"

"May I come in?" Andorra rolled her eyes

Yes." she turned around and tried to look as normal as possible as the dark figure entered the chamber. The shut softly.

"What is your plan now?" He asked.

"You have felt this power as well."

"Of course. All magical beings feel the presence of any powerful magic that is new or unknown." Andorra nodded and replied,

"Anyway, I will precede with my plan. I doubt Mystra will do anything at this time."

"Are you sure about this?" Andorra Stared at the figure.

" Yes," she lied and walked out of her chamber.

"For those who are chosen will rise up against the darkness that draws nigh." Andorra stopped in her tracks. The man's voice made the prophecy sound even more true than it was. She continued down one of the halls and thoughts began pouring into her mind. She had stop the prophecy no matter what. She had to get revenge on her brother. And on the whole kingdom of Zilda.

The End

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