The Hidden One

Chapter 6

Danielle closed her eyes from the bright light that appeared out of no where and so did everyone else. Where did it come from? She thought. Then she sensed that the light was disappearing and she opened her eyes. The light was gone accept for the symbol on the the stone was glowing and Herman was touching it. Danielle crept toward Herman and saw that his eyes were closed.

"Herman," she said. "What are you doing?" She looked at the glowing symbol and lifted her claw to touch it.

"What is going on?" she asked. Once she touched it a smaller, pillar of light shot out from the top. Danielle closed her eyes and all of the sudden she found herself some place else. A pure white  glowing room and standing next to her was Herman. What was he doing there? Danielle looked around her but all she could see was pure whiteness.

Danielle looked down and gasped. For she was not in her dragon form but her own human self. 


She suddenly saw  a figure coming towards them At first the figure was blurry but came clear once it got closer. It  was woman with violet eyes.

"Who are you?" Danielle asked. The woman just smiled and turned her eyes to Herman.

"You look very much like your father," she said. Danielle suddenly became confused. Herman's father? How did she know him? Herman said nothing but gazed at her in wonder. The woman looked at them both.

"Who are you?" Danielle asked again.

"That question is not needed now. Now that you released me from the bonds that bind me, the prophecy may come to pass."

"Prophecy? What prophecy?" The woman didn't answer but began to fade away.

"Wait, where are you going!?" 

"Seek who you are seeking and your answers will be answered from there," the woman said. Danielle and Herman watched her disappear.

The End

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