The Invasion

Danielle was standing in a spacious room with light shining through a hole in a cave making it easier to see. On each side of the wall were small streams that went through the cave to the outside. In between them, was a tall stone. And on the top was carved a symbol. Danielle looked at it closely. There seemed to be three crescent moons ringed together creating some kind of symbol.

"What is this?" She asked herself. Mue was on top of her head looking down at it as well.

"I don't know. Some sort of symbol to represent something. Although, I don't know what," Mue replied. Danielle lifted a claw to touch it but before she could, she heard Samuel call her name.

"Danielle! What are you doing? And you know you aren't supposed go off on your own. You know what you could happen to you-"

"Were you worried about me?" Danielle asked with humor in her voice. Samuel stopped in his tracks and glared at her.

"No!" Samuel yelled. Herman walked up to the statue and stared at the symbol.

"Do you know what that is?" Danielle asked him. Samuel looked as well.

"No, I have no idea." Samuel touched the symbol and traced his finger around each of the moon crescents.

"A symbol?"  Herman nodded. 

"Most likely." 

Suddenly, an arrow swished by almost hitting Samuel's fore head but he was out of the way in time. 

"What?!" Danielle exclaimed. They heard Battle cries erupt the atmosphere and a couple of people ran into the room with weapons in their hands. Herman counted five of them, four men and one woman. The woman and one big man rushed at him and Samuel. Danielle faced the others with an uncertain look on her face.

"Samuel!" Herman called. 

"Protect Danielle! We can't let anything happen to her!" Samuel hesitated but obeyed. He tried to get passed one man, he seemed to be about his age, but when Samuel was just about to run passed him, he tripped him. Samuel fell to the ground hitting the ground hard making him bite his lip from hitting his chin. The man who tripped him, pressed a foot hard into his back making him cry out.

"Samuel!" Herman called while fending off the two others. Danielle saw Samuel and for some reason she felt her heart lurch.

"Samuel!" She said. But she turned her attention back to her enemies. She had do something so she could save Samuel. Herman was fighting the others so he had no time to. She lifted her tail and smacked the big man aside. He cried and fell to the ground.

"Storm!" The woman called but she looked at Danielle and drew an arrow. Danielle swung her tail in the woman's direction. The woman watched the tail and suddenly she hurdled over it.

"Try again!" Mue said.

"Right." Danielle swung again but missed.

Herman fought the two men at once turning from one to another to battle.

"Who are you?" Herman asked clashing his sword with one of them. They fought, clashing their swords many times.

"We are the forest gang who have come to take your dragon."


"That's right. Now if you don't hand over the dragon, you'll be killed."  Herman aimed his sword for the bandit's chest. He blocked it and began hitting his sword many times making Herman stumble backwards.

"Finish him off  Zacharias!" The other bandit said.

"Alright, let's end this." The bandit whom was called Zacharias knocked his sword from his hand and kicked him in the stomach sending him flying into the statue. Herman painfully got up and picked up the statue that fell on top of him. He set it back up the way it was touching the symbol with his fingers.

Before the woman had released her arrow in Danielle's direction, and before Samuel was almost slayed, a bright light appeared in the room causing them to stop and cover their eyes.

"What is that?" Danielle asked.

The End

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