The Enigma Mountains

Leaving Sharpine behind, Herman turned his gaze away. His memories in the village flashed in his mind, his beautiful wife's smiling face and their two small children in each other's arms. Next, he remembered his fathers face. Weak, sad and pale. "I trust that you son, will finish my work in the future." Those were his last words before his death. 

"Herman, are you alright?" Samuel asked. Herman looked at him and nodded.

"Yes, of course I am." Danielle looked back at him and knew nothing was alright. Herman lost his family and his village. Nothing could change that.

"Cheer up Herman!" Danielle said in an uplifting way. "Sulking won't do you any good. Forget about the past." She looked him in the eyes and he nodded slowly.

Danielle stared at the mountains ahead, her heart urging her forward. Father, soon I will be home and everything will be alright. She smiled. Yes, it will be. 

The area they were flying over was becoming rockier and more hilly that they found themselves entering the mountain area. 

"Were finally here!" Danielle called. Mue, who had been asleep on her head woke up in a dreamy daze as he looked around.

"Where are we?" He asked dreamily.

"The Enigma Mountains," Herman replied. Samuel gazed at the tall, rigid mountains around them. He saw one mountain that seemed to be the tallest out of everyone of them. And on one side of it was the largest cave he had ever seen. Near it was a small lake with water that looked drinkable.

"Is anyone thirsty?" He asked. 

Danielle landed on the ground in front of the big cave and let Herman and Samuel slide down from her back. They raced to the lake with water jugs in their hands. Mue followed them and Danielle turned and looked into the dark cave.

"So big!" she said. "Even I can fit through." 

Samuel held a cup full of water in his hand and was about to drink it when he saw Danielle enter the cave. What is she doing now? He looked down at his palms and saw Mue drinking the water from his palms. 

"Hey! Get off of me!" He yelled and jerked his hand so the squirrel fell off. Mue fled from him and followed Danielle in to the cave. He stopped and looked at him.

"Meanie!" Mue yelled back and disappeared. Samuel rolled his eyes. How would he put up with those two? He finished drinking and looked at Herman who was staring into the cave.

"Should we go in there after them?" Samuel asked.

"It would be best," Herman answered and entered the cave with Samuel following.


"Hey Judas, we have been in that cave before," Alec said. "I remember the strange statue that had the symbol on it. It was like three moons ringed together, right?" Judas nodded. He remembered it perfectly. They were traveling through these mountains when they stumbled upon this place.

"Well, now what?" Zacharias said. Everyone looked at Judas who had an idea running through his mind. After a few moments, he said,

"We follow them in the cave and when the time comes, we attack when they lower their guard. I, Alec and Zach will take care of the dragon while Shannon and Storm fight off the other two." They nodded.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Shannon said gripping her bow tightly. Soon the dragon would be theirs.

The End

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