The next day the sky was plain blue with no white clouds and the sun shown brightly as ever before. Danielle, Samuel, Herman and Mue were flying above the trees again this time, with the mountains were closer in view. Danielle stared at them with this yearning feeling within her heart that, that was where they would find Andorra. And hopefully everything would happen according to her plan. She would persuade Andorra to change her body back to the way it was and then she could return home to her father, mother, Ella and Adrian. Everything would be alright. But then she thought of Samuel's and Ella's marriage. She didn't want them to get married. Ella would move on and wouldn't have time for her anymore. Ella will rule the kingdom with Samuel. Samuel.

Danielle looked and saw Samuel staring off into the other direction. The wind rushed through his golden hair and for some reason she thought he looked very handsome in the position he was in. He caught her gaze and suddenly yelled,

"Danielle, Look out!" Danielle looked forward. She realized she was heading straight into the trees. She shrieked, pulling herself upwards before they crashed. 

"Danielle! Look what you almost did!" Samuel cried. Danielle glared at him.

"I'm sorry I was distracted!" Samuel lifted one eyebrow.

"Calm down you two," Herman said giving Samuel a small slap on the head.

"Danielle, please watch where you are going from now on so you won't kill us." Danielle gritted her teeth. I hate you Samuel. She thought.

They flew onward until beneath them the trees began disapearing leaving more land deserted. Then they saw these old ruins scattered across the land. 

"What is this place?" Samuel wondered.

"It's the ruins of my old Village. Sharpine," Herman answered. His voice sounded lower, with more depression this time. Danielle could tell he did not wish to be in this place. She watched Herman's sad face as he looked at the old village. 


"Is this-?" Storm asked. Judas nodded as he stepped through the ruins. His gang followed and they headed toward one certain house. Zacharias gave the door a little push and it opened. Judas slowly walked in with Alec following. He stopped in his tracks in a large room with old rusty pots and chairs. Next to one wall was an old bed covered with cobwebs. Judas lifted all the webs. Once they were cleared, he and his gang were staring at a single skeleton.

"My old home," Judas said.

The End

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