Sorrowful Past

Danielle and Mue watched both men eat their meal promptly stuffing the food inside their mouths and savoring the taste of the rich meat. Everything was quiet except for the sounds of the flickering flames. Danielle was extremely tired from the long day and rested her chin to the ground and relaxed. Mue leaned against her closing his eyes and fell asleep within a minute. Samuel took his last bite and chewed it slowly then letting it slide down his throat. He looked over at Danielle  meeting her gaze but she quickly looked away and stared into the fire. 

"Samuel, you should lay down to sleep because we have a long day ahead of us," Herman said gently. Samuel looked at him. It seemed Herman could be a little rough sometimes but quiet and gentle as well. Most of the time he was just calm. He watched the hermit pull out an ax from his bag and begin sharpening the blade. Samuel looked at the ax closer seeing initials carved into the wood. They were HV.

"Did you make that?" Samuel asked. Herman shook his head but continued the sharpen the blade.

"My father did. His name was Farrar Verrier We lived in a small village called Sharpine and he was the blacksmith of the village. After I was born my mother died leaving us to care for our home. Many years passed until I was a young man helping my father with making the tools but the whole village was struck with an illness. It spread through person to person until my father got it. Before he died, he gave me this ax to remember him and that it will help me in the future."

"What do you mean by that?" Samuel asked.

"There was something about my father I nor the people of the village knew of. Some said he had some sort of magical power. But my father never mentioned any of that to me. After my father died, the rest of the village was affected with this sickness leaving me and my new wife, Elly to be the only ones who weren't affected. We left the village making our own home and family." Herman stopped talking leaving a train of thought between them.

"What happened to your family? Your wife?"

"I had two sons, Fabron and Eloi. When they were only three years old, our house was raided by bandits. They killed Elly and my kids leaving me with nothing but myself. From then on, I lived alone." Samuel could tell he was crying and hiding his eyes so he wouldn't see the tears. Samuel looked away. He saw that Danielle had been listening also.

"I'm sorry Herman," Danielle said looking at him with sadness in her eyes. She felt so sad for him. He lost all he loved. She closed her eyes. I don't want that to happen to me. If my whole family died, I couldn't live on. She thought

The End

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