The Forest Gang's Plan

Chapter 5

"Would you look at that," Judas said.

"Yeah I see it," Shannon replied.

"Let's get in there and seize it," Storm suggested excitedly. Alex crouched next to him and nudged him.

"We have to think before we do something. Otherwise we'll be killed." Storm rolled his eyes.

"With this dragon, we could make a fortune!" Zacharias, their other companion, spoke.

"Yeah," Shannon agreed and fitted an arrow in her bow and pointed it at a young man.

"Maybe I should just kill each one of them now."

"No," Judas said. Shannon lowered her bow, disapointed.

"But why? Now is the perfect moment!" Zacharias replied. Storm nodded and said, " Judas, why can't we have that dragon now!?" Judas silenced them.

"We will wait and follow them. Then we will trap them," Judas told them.  But they stared at him with uncertainty in their eyes. He turned away and watched the Black Dragon. It seemed so harmless from his point of view. He shook his head. He couldn't let his gang down now that they had found something worth more than anything.

The End

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