Danielle tore apart her meat and stuffed it in her mouth forcing it down her through hungrily. She was extremely hungry, especially from the flight. Mue sat against her side holding and admiring an acorn in his small hands. They sat there musing in the sun, waiting for Herman and Samuel to return from their hunt.

Danielle finished her two deer a while later and stood up with a baffled expression. It was over an hour since her companions had left. They should have been back by now. She looked at Mue seeing her had fallen asleep with the acorn cuddled in his arms.

"Samuel!" She called as loud as she could.

"Herman!" There was no reply.

"Where could they be? We need to get going," she muttered. However Samuel and Herman came out of the trees holding a deer.

"Why yell?" Samuel asked eyeing  her and dropped the deer on the ground near them. Herman knelt down and started skinning one of the deer.

"You guys took so long I thought you weren't coming back," Danielle replied.

"We just got caught up in our hunt so it took us longer. Anyway, of course we will come back for you. We can't leave a Princess Of Zilda out here on her own." Danielle watched Samuel skin his deer. Did he really mean that? She thought. Surely we get on each others nerves but does he care about what happens to me?

"What?" Samuel asked seeing that she was watching him.

"Oh nothing," she answered and turned away. She went over to Mue and nudged him slightly with her muzzle.

"Mue, Wake up," she spoke softly. Mue turned over on his back and groaned. Then his tiny eyelids fluttered open. He gazed up at her with sleepy eyes.

"What is it?" he asked.

"You should wake up now," she stated. Mue stood on all fours and looked at Herman and Samuel. They had built a fire and were cooking meat over the flames.

"Alright," he said.

The End

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