Wondrous Flight

Danielle crouched low to the ground waiting for Herman, Samuel and Mue to climb aboard her but they just stood there gaping. She stared at them and sighed.

“Come on, this will be faster traveling to the mountains than on foot! Trust me!” She exclaimed and waited for any of them to respond. Herman and Samuel just glanced at each other but Mue scurried to her and climbed her neck until he sat atop her head. He looked at the others with his beady, black eyes and asked with a chuckle,

“Are you two cowards?” Samuel turned to him and glared daggers at the squirrel. Then he and Herman put one foot on Danielle’s leg and lured themselves onto her back. Samuel wobbled a bit but he wrapped his arms around Danielle’s neck so he stayed on.

“How did that squirrel learn to speak anyway?” he asked bitterly. No one answered now that Danielle was standing on all fours with her wings stretched out to her sides.

“Herman, are you sure about this?” Samuel asked.

“I am sure we’ll be fine,” Herman replied. Danielle smiled to herself. She would make Samuel’s first flight one that he would never forget.

“Here we go!” She said and lifted off into the air heading straight on farther and farther into the sky with powerful speed. Mue was hanging onto her ears as the rough wind crashed down on him. Samuel was closing his eyes and held onto her neck while Herman struggled to grab onto him.

“Danielle!”Mue screamed almost letting both of his hands slip from her ears. “Slow down!” But she didn’t reply.

“Danielle!” Herman yelled. “Slow down or we will fall!” She turned to look at them. Realizing that she should she began to slow her pace. The wind settled and everyone felt themselves relaxing as the speed died down and soon they were soaring slowly through the air. The clouds below them started to fade and the trees came into view.

Samuel gazed in wonder at all the forests and hills that stretched throughout all the land.

“Wow,” he said and loosened his arms around Danielle’s neck. Danielle soared just above the treetops and shifted from side to side.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” Danielle asked. Samuel nodded and smiled. If only his father could see him right now.

“Should we land now?” Herman asked. “I think I’m going to be sick.” Danielle laughed and flew lower. After a moment, she landed heavily on the ground and crouched so they could climb off. Herman and Samuel turned to her.

“How did you like it Samuel?” She asked. He walked closer to her.

“Never do what you did to us again,” he replied with a bit of anger to his voice. But then he smiled a little.

“I liked it.” Danielle smiled at Samuel but he just turned and began walking away with Herman by his side.

“We’ll go hunt for some lunch,” he said. Danielle watched them vanish into the trees. That was the only moment they seemed to get along. For some reason, she felt good.

The End

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