A New Direction

Something unexpectedly brushed against his nose which made it tickle. When Samuel awoke, the tip of the black dragon’s tail brushed against his cheek.

“Ugh!” Samuel sat up and rubbed his nose. He scowled at Danielle and moved away from her. But as he watched her, he noticed her body jerking and her head moving from side to side. He scooted closer and carefully touched her nose.

"Danielle,"he said. "You need to wake up now." He waited until her eyes opened but surprisingly they didn't. What's going on? He wondered.  Wait, what am I doing? He backed away holding his hand in front of him. That was his first time touching a dragon and for some reason he liked feeling the smooth scales against his skin. His eyes rested on Danielle once more and he touched her scales.

"Danielle," he said. "Wake up." Her eyes flew open and she swung her tail that it knocked Samuel into the trees. He landed heavily on the ground and groaned for pain shot in all directions throughout his body. He looked over at her to see that she was watching him.

"I'm so sorry Samuel!" She cried. "I-I didn't mean to!"

"It's okay," he replied.

"Are you two fighting again?" Herman asked. He was standing with his arms folded and his sack over his shoulder.

"No, we weren't," Danielle replied glancing at Samuel.

"Hmph." Herman began to kick their campfire causing the sticks to scatter across the ground.

"Why are you doing that?" Samuel asked.

"We don't want any bandits to follow us now do we?" Samuel didn't reply but turned back to Danielle who sat there musing.

"I have a feeling that I know where we should go," she said and turned her head to the left and gazed at the mountains in the distant.

"How?" Samuel asked.

"I just have this strong feeling that that is where we are supposed to go." Herman and Samuel glanced at eachother in bewilderment.

The End

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