A Dark Dream

"Andorra!" She cried as she ran through the tall, dark and misty trees. Her footsteps and her breathing were the only things heard in that dark night.

"Andorra!" She called again. "Where are you?" There was no reply but she kept scouring through the dark forest in search of the witch.

"I need you Andorra! Andorra!" She stopped in her tracks looking in all directions but there seemed to be no one in sight. She began to run again calling her name repeatedly until her voice began to fade slowly.

"Danielle." A voice apeared out of the darkness. "I'm right here. In your mind."

"Andorra!" Danielle jerked her head up. She stared into the dark with fright in her eyes but layed her head back down and closed her eyes.

"Andorra,"she said.

The End

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