A Hard Night

Chapter 4

Danielle opened her eyes and looked to see Herman walking
back through the bushes. He turned his head and met her eyes.

“Did I wake you?”He asked with concern.

“It’s alright,”she replied. She felt Mue laying against her side sleeping soundly and she smiled. Then she  glanced at Samuel. Her eyes moved downward to see the fire he had just built.

“Isn’t that a bit small?”She questioned. Samuel looked at
her but rolled his eyes.

“It’s the best I can do,”he replied bluntly. Herman kneeled  beside him and dumped a few logs and leaves into the flames causing them to grow more. Danielle felt herself smiling but when Samuel looked at her, he rolled his eyes again. They were like that for a while until Herman stood up and walked over to Danielle.

“Let’s check you for any wounds you got from that dragon,”he said and touched her scales. She shivered under the touch but relaxed after a few seconds.

Samuel sat watching them but shifted his position so he was seating with his back facing them. Why Danielle? How is it possible for her to defeat a dragon? She’s… a princess. For some reason jealousy engulfed him. I’m weak. He thought to himself He didn’t want to be weak. Especially in front of his father. Every time they would go hunting together, he wanted to impress him, show him that he could fight beside him. Now what would he think of him? What would Ella think?

“Samuel,”Herman said, interrupting his thoughts. “Bring me my sack.” Samuel lazily got to his feet and found Herman’s sack near a bush. He picked it up and brought it to him. Herman took it, shuffled through it and took out a long piece of cloth. He then pressed it against her scales.

“You have some deep cuts in your skin but they aren’t severe. But there’s still some blood coming out from some of them. I found a cut on your nose but that has turned into a scar,” he told them. Danielle glared at Samuel and he glared back.

“What?”He asked.

“You know what!”Danielle replied. “You attacked me!”

“What? Me? You were the one who attacked me!” He yelled back. Danielle looked
away and she muttered,

“When I turn back into my normal self this scar better no be there.” Frustrated, Samuel went back to the fire and sat. Herman just watched them unknowingly and continued cleaning her wounds. Once he finished they all sat in silence until the fire burned out and only the moonlight shone down on their sleeping figures.

The End

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