The Forest Gang

Judas took his dagger from his belt and held it toward the sunlight. It's silver blade reflected the light causing it to shine brightly. He found a smooth  stone and began to slide it against the edge of the blade creating a sharp, high pitched hissing sound. He closed his eyes and relaxed taking in the sun's heat and enjoyed the sound as it rang in his ears.

Judas was a man in his fourties, strong, bold features and incredibly smart. He lived his whole life in the forests. It was his home. The place where his life had all begun. His parents lived in a smal village in the woods where he was born and raised in his childhood. But when he was sixteen his parents died from a terrible sickness that had passed through the village killing many people. He had lived alone from then on in loneliness and traveling aimlessly through forests. But he soon joined a gang of bandits. Years passed and he was made leader of the gang.

After a few strokes, he threw the stone to the ground and tenderly rubbed his finger over the blade. Perfect. He though and sheathed his dagger.

"Judas!" A voice came from behind him.

"What is it?" He scowled and stood up. He turned around to see younger face peering back at him. Alec.

"Well, what do you want?" Alec's hand was pressed against a pine tree and he was prectically slumped over, breathing heavily.

"You... you've got to come... see this," Alec replied in between gasps.

"Show me," Judas said following him down a narrow path.

It wasn't long until they came upon a small group of people standing above a deep ditch. They turned to him and Alec with pale faces. These people were his bandit gange. There were about four men and one woman. The woman was Shannon, a sweet but tough lady who could hunt and cook anything. That was the main reason they allowed her to be part of their gang anyway.

"What is it? What happened?' Judas asked harshly.

"Look down there," Shannon told him motioning toward the ditch. He came up beside them and looked down. With a horrified gasp, he found himself staring at a large, light colored dragon laying motionless. Parts of it's body were shredded revealing blood stained rocks. Apart from it was it's wing completely torn from it's body.

"We saw what happened boss," Alec said.

"It was right above our heads! Two dragons were battling eachother, lunging at eachother's throats. One of them was black."

Judas became confused of why Alec mentioned that one of the dragons were black. But he let him resume.

"Well, this dragon was defeated." Judas's gang turned to him and one man close to his age called, Storm, said,

"The Black  Dragon flew that way and landed." Storm pointed north from where they stood and Judas nodded.

"We will head that direction and see if we can find it," he replied and started walking. His bandit gang grabbed their weapons and followed.

"But why are we following it?" Alec questioned. After a while, Judas answered,

"I wanna know if it's for real."

The End

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