A Wild Encounter

"Wake up!" Mue hissed into Danielle's ear. But she lazily moved her head away.

 "Not now father," she replied sleeply.?

 "Danielle!" Mue exclaimed. This time she opened her eyes halfway.

 "What is it?"

 "Some one is here," he replied in a low, quiet voice. Danielle just layed there wide awake now. She stared into the forest imagining anything to pounce on them any second.

 "Maybe it's just an animal," she said. Mue shook his head.

 "No it's-"

 They unexpectedly heard one or more battle cries pop out of the forest making them to jump frantically. Mue took protection in between her wings as she turned to meet their attackers. Two men were rushing at her with swords aimed toward her body. She stood there in shock for a while until she realised what was really happening.

 She pounced out of the way just before their blades could peirce her flesh. They lashed at her again but she dodged every one of their swings. What is with these guys? She thought. She tried to catch a glimpse of their faces but her eyes were too focused on the swords. It seemed they weren't going to stop thrashing. This made her anger rise inside of her making her growl indignatly. I should fight back. Danielle thought as she jumped farther out of their reach.

It was only a few seconds that she caught sight of the young man's face. She realised she knew that face and couldn't believe it. Samuel? It couldn't be! But who in the world was this other man? She wanted to shout Samuel's name and let him know it was her but would he understand her?

On the other hand, Samuel and his other companion were circling her now breathing heavily. I have to do something before they kill me. She turned to Samuel noticing his agitated expression. It seems he really wants me dead.

Immediatly, he began running at he but she stood there appalled and too trapped in her trance of confusion.

"Danielle," she heard a voice.

"Danielle, do something!" Mue called. He was peeking out from under her wings. "He's going to kill you!" He exclaimed.

"But he's prince Samuel!" she replied. But before anything else was said, Danielle turned to meet the blade that would pierce her skin. And end her life.

If he killed me, he nor my family would ever know what had happened to me. She thought. I will never see my family again. Father, mother, Adrien... and Ella. No, my life cannot end like this.

Samuel was racing for his victory. I can't believe this was so easy! He thought. The dragon didn't even attack them once. His hands tightened around the hilt as he drew closer. Soon he would plunge his sword into it's body and then it will die. He'd be able to home peacefully and everything would be back to the way it was. He would marry Ella and live happily ever after.

"This dragon is done for good!" He sneered. His speed increased and he found himself nearly slaying his very first dragon. A Black Dragon.

 He swung his sword causing chimes to deflect from the blade as it careered through the air. He put all his strength to his father's sword. This was it. The first Black dragon would be slayed.

But he stopped. For he heard another voice stop him. He looked up with an alarmed face. Who... was that? Samuel glanced at Herman then to the dragon.

"Samuel," the voice called. Herman and Samuel started blankly at the dragon in bewilderment.

"It's me, Danielle."

The End

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