It's Over

Danielle dogded the raging flames that came from the dragon's mouth. Then before she could move her opponent rammed into her body making her cry out in pain. Her body was shaking and bloody dripped from the scratches that were put upon her.

She kept fighting the dragon using as much power and strenght she could in her new form.

When she had the chance, she bit the dragon's other wing so hard ripping it from the dragon's body. He was falling now, cascading downwards to the jagged, needle like rock below. Danielle watched in horror but was also relieved she survived this fight.

She found Mue lying near a shade of trees covered in thorns. He was groaning and didn't seem to notice her.

"I did it Mue!  I did it!" She said landing heavily before him. He lifted his head but his only reply was a groan.

"Mue? Didn't you see? I beat that Rust Dragon!"

"Wow," the squirrell  replied sitting up. He began pulling out the thorns from his tale.

"I have never done anything like that before!"


"Now where are those rats."

"They ran away," Mue said. He pulled out one thosrn but shrieked.

"They must have gotted scared," Danielle thought.

"No duh."

"Now my food is gone!" She cried searching to see if anymore were still around.

"Ow, ow, ow!" She heard Mue say.

"What happened?" She exclaimed.

"Here let me help you." She bent her head down and gripped three needles with her mouth. She yanked.

"I was wrong about that dragon. Now I can see how powerful they really were."

"A dragon like that can destroy a whole kingdom. That's what my father told me," Samuel said. He walked fast beside Herman. They were heading toward the place where they saw the Black dragon land.

"I'm sort of nervous. When we try to slay it this might be my last day to live." Samuel thought of his whole family and Ella. He and Ella were engaged and he had a feeling it wold be a while before they would marry.

"If you doubt yourself like that, this will be your last day to live. My father told me to be a man you shouldn't doubt yourself," Herman replied. But he suddenly stopped.

"Did you hear that?" He asked.


"I heard someone scream."

"Do you think the dragon is attacking someone?"

"I don't know."

The prince followed Herman through a crowd of think trees.


"Just hold still Mue."

"But it hurts so bad!"

"All the pain will be gone once I get all these needles out." She gripped four more thorns and pulled them out quickly.

"Ow!" Danielle rolled her eyes.

"Just don't think about the pain."

"How could I not think about the pain? And what about you, you're coverd in scratches."

"There's only three more left."

Once the thorns were out of Mues, body, they both slumped to the ground in exhaustion.

"Defeating that dragon took all of my strength. And I'm hungry."

"That fight was worth nothing," Mue replied. Danielle didn't answer but closed her eyes. She hadn't bothered to care for her wounds she got from her battle. All she wanted as sleep.

The End

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