A King's Decision

Chapter Three

"Samuel and our knights haven't treturned for two days now," Queen Isabel was saying to her husband. King Steven sat on his throne with Seth and Isabel standing next to him.

"I wonder if..." Maralyn trailed off.

"I'm sure they're fine," Steven said. Although it didn't make anyone feel better. Samuel... where are you? Seth thought.

"Father!" The four of them looked up to see Prince Adrien standing before them. Just by his face, they knew something was wrong.

"What is it?" Steven said standing from his throne immediatly.

"Some of the knights have returned!"

"What do you mean some?" Seth asked and then demanded, "What about Samuel?"

The four kings and queens followed Adrien into the training grounds to find a group of knights covered in dirt and what seemed to be ashes. Samuel was no where.

Steven went up to one of the knights.

"What happened?" The knight's eyes met his. It was Cynric, he realised.

"A rust dragon attacked our camp burning with flames.We decided to come back here."

"What about Samuel?" Seth asked him. His voice wavered with nervousness and he felt cold sweat. He felt sorrow and despair when Ceynric looked in his direction.

"We couldn't find him." Seth just stared at him and the knights as if it were a tragedy no one could bear. Isabel touched his shoulder gently with tears beginning to form. Adrien went over to Ella who stood nearby. He noticed she was shivering and her face was white as snow. He pulled her into a soft embrace. She sobbed.

Samuel's sisters, Silia and Sariah also stood beside her tears glinting in their eyes.

"Samuel," Sariah muttered. "I hope he's alright."

"I know he is," Silia replied trying to remain calm.

"First Danielle and now Samuel? Why is this happening?" Ella wondered. Adrien shook his head.

"I don't know, but we will get through this together, right?" He said wiping a tear from her cheek.

"You should all go get cleaned up," Maralyn told the knights. She watched them leave the training grounds. Some of them were coughing or maybe injured. Anger seemed to build inside of her. Why? She asked herself. She turned to see her husband and Seth standing there unknowingly what to do next.

What should I do? Steven wondered. Danielle was gone, captured by Andorra or otherwise dead. Samuel was lost in the forest or maybe killed by the rust dragon.

Hmmm, seems you're having alot of problems brother. Steven flinched when the voice entered his head.

Andorra, what do you want? He thought back.

Just my rightful throne to the kingdom. She replied.

It won't happen.

Really? Why don't we just have a little battle over it then.

I-I can't do that. No war. Steven answered.

You are afriad then? I thought you said you would defend your kingdom no matter what!

It took a while for Steven to reply.

Will Danielle come back?

Only if you beat me.

If it's the only way to get my daughter back and defend this kingdom... then I will go to war with you.

Wonderful was the last word her heard from Andorra.
Andorra smirked. Her plan was working exactly as she wanted it. She laughed as she stared out her window.

"My brother can't defeat me. He is too weak. He has no magic, only knights. I have so much more." She smiled down at the million lights glowing in the night below. She lived in a necropolis. A kingdom of the dead; full of skeletons, zombies and vampires. She looked up to see several wyverns swarm above the necropolis watching for any intruders.

Andorra thought, my army will be the greatest in all history.

The End

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