Rust Dragon

"What kind of dragon was that?" Danielle asked Mue as they cooled off under some tall pinetrees.

"A rust dragon," the squirrel replied searching the skies nervously.

"I hope it doesn't come back," Danielle said looking upward as well.

"We should stay below the trees just in case," Mue suggested.

"So where do Rust Dragon's live?"

"Usually in rocky areas like mountains. Mountains is mostly where all dragons live," Mue informed her.

"What about Black Dragons?" Mue stared at her and shrugged.

"I heard they don't exist anymore."

"Really?" Mue nodded.Why? And why was I transformed into one?Danielle thought.

Her stomach rumbled.

"I guess I didn't get enough to eat," she said. All of the sudden she heard Mue gasp.

"What is it?" She asked.

"It's back," Mue replied pointing toward the sky. There it was. The enormous Rust Dragon was flying over head, it's wings extended to both sides.

"Wow." Mue nodded in agreement.

"Let's stay down." Danielle and him backed furthur into the trees. They watched as the dragon circled from above.

Danielle felt her stomach rumble once again. She was so hungry that she looked around her for any food forgetting about the danger near them. Her eyes moved around until they rested on a family of large rats. She felt herself drooling as she began to move slowly toward them.

"Danielle!" Mue hissed. "Don't move!" Too distracted to listen, the dragon got closer to the rats not realizing how clear the trees were becoming.Here I come, rats.Danielle thought to herself.

"Danielle!" Mue shrieked. This time, Danielle stopped in her tracks glancing upward. The other dragon had spotted her and her new found prey. It was diving toward them dashing through the air with ultimute speed.

"Get away from there!" Mue hollard.

But Danielle wasn't about to let her food be taken by this other dragon. She crouched in a fighting position when the Rust Dragon hovered overhead. It roared causing Mue to take shelter in a prickly bush. Suddenly, the dragon lunged at her compeling her to dodge it. Then she flew into the air as well just as the dragon landed in her spot. It glared at her and followed her lead.

"Come and get me!" She cried flying upper into the sky. She looked back to see the other dragon chasing her. His wild, golden eyes burned into her's. Unexpectedly, she felt his sharp, jagged teeth sink into her tale making her howl with pain. She successfuly shook him off but the wound stung and blood spurred out. Then the dragon lunged at her forcing both of them to fall from the sky. It's jaws snapped at her but she moved away nipping at his wing. She bit into the warm flesh making a large tear. The dragon roared and released her. She was free to fly but not of this creature. She noticed his ability to fly was weakened but he kept himself up in the air. He attacked her again, this time aiming for her neck. She escaped it and instead have her teeth sink into his neck. He roared and struggled to get away. His claws scratched at her body causing her to wince as the claws teared at her skin. She finally released her opponent.

The dragon opened it's mouth and released a powerful fiery breath.


"What in the world!" Herman yelled. Samuel looked to the sky as well and gasped in fright seeing two winged figures. One was a lot bigger than the other, lighter too. Samuel watched them as they fought, biting at eachother's flesh. This is when he realised that the smaller dragon was the one he was searching for.

"Herman! The black dragon!" He said. Herman nodded.

"Come on." Samuel followed the man but still kept his eyes on the battle. The bigger dragon had breathed fire almost covering the Black Dragon with it.

"Maybe the Rust Dragon will get rid of it for us." Herman said hustling through the trees with Samuel behind. But they stopped when they saw the rust dragon falling toward the trees.

The End

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