Flames Of The Rust Dragon

Flames diffused the forest floor everywhere, devouring trees, bushes and everything in it's path like an angry beast. Fire winded it's way up trees burning them to crisp. Soot rose into the air refraining the sunlight from shining through. The cry of an immense dragon came from above filling Samuel's ears as he struggled to make his way through the thickening smoke.

A while ago, the large dragon apeared in the sky startling him and his knights half to death. The dragon was a mix of brown and red with pericing black eyes as sharp as daggers. It  had burnt their camp but they escaped safely. Though Samuel had lost his companions, he was alone now trying to escape the dragon's furious flames.

He came face to face with a wall of fire but he escaped it by racing the opposite direction.

"Cynric!" He yelled but closed his mouth when it filled with smoke. He let out a hoarse cough and moved on.

Soon all was quiet and he stopped in his tracks unknowing if the dragon was still there or not. He began walking again until he finally reached a spot where smoke was little and his eyes got clearer and clearer.

"Cynric! Where are you?!" He called again.

"Cynric!" But he heard nothing. Then his chest gave a pang. What if they were killed by the dragon? Or burned by the simmering flames?

He just stood there watching the remaining flames flicker until they faded away leaving smoke rising into the sky. Then he turned walking into the unharmed trees. He wondered what he would do now for he couldn't slay the black dragon all by himself. He spotted a dead tree lying on the ground covered in moss. He sat down and took out his container filled with water and took a deep sip.

Cold, water slid down his throat making him feel better and refreshed. But then thoughts returned to him causing him to become even more depressed. He hoped he would meet up with Cynric and the other knights later or by nightfall.

Samuel slid to the leaf covered ground and leaned his back to the tree closing his eyes. He stayed that way until the sun sunk beneath the horizon.

The End

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