An Unexpected Visitor

"We will set up camp here," Samuel said halting his horse. The other knights did the same and jumped down from their steeds.Then they took down rolled up tents and began to set them up. Samuel stood nearby staring into the dark, vast forest. In the morning, their hunt would begin.

"Your majesty," a voice apeared behind him. It was Cynric one of the nobelist knights in his kingdom.

"Yes, Cynric?" Samuel replied.

"One of us has found something very interesting, sire." Samuel cocked one eyebrow.

"Show me." He followed the knight past the tents and came to two other knights who were bending down looking at something in the dirt.

"What is it?" Samuel asked making his way in between them. He bent down to see a large, deep imprint in the dirt. He rummaged his hands over it in curiousity.

"A dragon foot print," he told them. Cynric bent down as well and touched it.

"And it's leading that way," he replied pointing to his right where more of them were imprinted in the dirt.

"We will follow them in the morning." Samuel looked at Cynric.

"Make sure the knights' weapons are sharpened and ready by tomorrow." Cynric nodded, stood and walked back into the camp.

As for Samuel, he stared at the foot print hoping this was the black dragon's.
"Danielle." Mue touched her nose and she shifted a little but her eyes didn't open.

"Danielle! Wake up!" This time the squirrel yelled. The dragon opened her eyes to his small face looking into her's.

"What is it?"  She asked. Suddenly her stomach growled.

"It's morning," Mue replied. "And you sound very hungry." Danielle nodded, standing up on all four legs.

"Well, while you were sleeping, I found a herd of deer grazing in a field nearby." After she heard the word "deer" she pounced out of the cave causing it to rumble. Mue chased after her escaping the rocks that began to fall.

"Wait for me!" He screamed but the dragon was already flying above the trees.

"Danielle!" He ran through the trees following the large figure in the sky. He then saw her disembark toward the the ground. Breath heavy and exausted, he found her perching in a wide, feild of long, flowing grass. A herd of deer grazed in the distance.

Mue landed beside her trying to regain his breath. He put on paw on her leg and leaned against it.

"Ok, I am going to do it," Danielle said. She started foward leaving Mue to fall face down into the ground.

Her slow pace increased more as the deer grew nearer. Then their heads moved in her direction.

Danielle growled making the animals scatter but she was too quick. She knocked down one, then another and another. The rest had escaped but she knew this was enough for her.

Minutes later, she had eaten two of them but before she could get to the next deer, a loud roar filled her ears. Mue had been sitting near her and looked up. A gigantic winged creature was coming in their direction.

"Danielle, we should go now," he said.

"What is it?" she asked. "Another dragon?"

"Yes!" Mue exclaimed. "Now go before it sees us!"

"What kind is it? Black?"

"No! A brown one! Now go!" Danielle sadly left the rest of her hunt and raced to some nearby trees. She dived into them and kept low beneath them.

They heard the dragon roar and swarm above the trees. Danielle and Mue stayed there like statues watching it from below.

"It's even bigger than me!" Danielle whispered.

"You aren't an adult yet but sooner or later, you will get alot bigger."

"I'm seventeen!" Danielle replied but shut her mouth when she heard the dragon roar again. They watied there for a while until the dragon had finally disapeared.

"That was close," Mue said with relief. He plomped down ontop of her head holding his head.

"What now?"

The End

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